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Great Places for Pop Up Vendors

Running a pop up shop? Here are some of the best places to set up shop.


Music festivals, block parties, holiday festivals, film festivals, special events, etc. Keep an eye out for these well attended annual events.

Photo by Praveen Gupta on Unsplash

Bars, Breweries, and Coffee Shops

Local watering holes are great spots to pop up. If you are a food vendor, partnering with a drinks only spots can be a great symbiotic relationship.

Farmers Markets

Farmers markets are everywhere and have attendees that go every week. Once you a build a following, you can setup pre-sale and subscriptions for consistent revenue.

Sports Events

Professional sports leagues tend to run their own concessions, but check with local and youth leagues for pop up opportunites.

Art Galleries & Studios

Art galleries run open house nights monthly or quarterly. They’ll often have live music and drinks. They can low key bring out a crowd!

Trade Shows & Conventions

People travel from all over to attend conventions and shows in cities for work or fun. Show visitors what your city is all about with your pop up.

Photo by Joan Oger on Unsplash


Large green spaces attract a lot of foot traffic. You might have to work with local parks department for permitting.

Apartment Buildings

Building management companies are always on the look out for ways to build community. Reach out to a building management company for weekly, monthly, or quarterly opportunites.

Office/Industrial Parks

A lot of office/industrial parks don’t have convenient food options. (especially if they run 24 hours) People still need to eat while working. Think factories, construction, jails, warehouses, etc.

University Campuses & Hospitals

These places are often separated from local stores, but have a lot of foot traffic. Great opportunity to set up shop at peak hours. (lunch time)




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