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Why is it called Poppy and what’s it all about?

Jan 9, 2015 · 4 min read


Apart from our experience of the recession, the launch of Poppy was inspired by several trends we have observed in design, marketing and publishing:

Boring business magazines

Most business magazines haven’t changed in 30 years. They rely on the same tired, cluttered formats, with content designed to attract advertisers and promote events. They’re boring to read and even more boring to look at — black and white pics of middle-aged men in boardrooms abound. Our financial services clients are a diverse bunch of individuals and we want Poppy to reflect their adventurous spirit and enquiring minds.

Big ideas

Many of our clients tell us that they are constantly fighting fires — work is busy and stressful; they don’t have time to think about the big picture. That’s where Poppy can help. Each issue will comprise a small number of in-depth features exploring big ideas that deserve attention.

Slow journalism

We enjoy reading a magazine called Delayed Gratification published by the London-based Slow Journalism Company. Conceived as a reaction to the 24–7 rolling news agenda, it reflects intelligently on the past, providing a fresh perspective on stories that have fallen off the news carousel. Poppy is informed by some of that thinking and doffs its cap to their pioneering work.

Collaborative journalism

The scribes of News International could learn a few lessons from the way content marketing journalists create copy. We don’t tap phones, ruin people’s lives or sit in ivory towers. Instead, we work with our clients to create accurate, useful, well-written content. Poppy takes the same constructive approach. Each feature is created by a talented writer working closely with an industry-leading expert. We call it collaborative journalism.

The golden age

A fresh generation of entrepreneurs is shaking up the magazine world. Publications we admire include Monocle, The Gentlewoman, Cereal, Printed Pages, the aforementioned Delayed Gratification and our own award-winning Hot Rum Cow. The influential blog MagCulture describes this new wave of craft publishing as ‘The Golden Age of Magazines’ — and Poppy is keen to spread the golden rays of this enlightenment through the backwaters of business magazine publishing.

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Poppy Magazine

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