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Oct 1, 2015 · 11 min read

Over half the adult population of the world still lack bank accounts. Mobile is increasingly the means by which they can be drawn into the banking system.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia did mobile payment years ago

Australian banks are way ahead of the bell curve when it comes to smartphone payments. Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Credit Union Australia and Bendigo Bank have all released mobile payment apps. ANZ Bank and National Australia Bank say they have them in the works.

Bank of America builds a win-win-win ecosystem

Bank of America’s BankAmeriDeals is an example of a bank generating a value ecosystem for its customers, its merchants and itself that has generated multi-million dollar value in just two years.

Videobanking is taking off in Hong Kong and Turkey

In 2013 Standard Chartered Hong Kong opened its first ‘digital’ branch, in which customers were greeted by giant screen TVs, the bank’s mobile apps in a special experience zone, and QR code scanning on an iWall, as well as e-signature pads and virtual queuing.

E-commerce giant Amazon launches its loan service around the world

Internet giant Amazon is rolling out an invitation-only lending service to thousands of the sellers that use its market place.

Amex encourages a “social takeover” to gain 10 million social media impressions in two weeks

US credit company American Express staged a “social takeover” to gain 10 million social media impressions in two weeks. The company launched #MyAmex in 2015, when six influencers took control of the company’s Instagram account. The key “influencers” showed on Instagram how they regularly used the card, including buying morning coffee and using free air miles for business trips. Amex says Instagram is the social media platform most used by its customers.

And finally

If dealing with the disruptive innovation caused by cheap mobile computing wasn’t enough, the banking sector might well be hit by another tsunami. The Blockchain.


The time it took Alibaba to become China’s largest seller of money market funds.


The time it took Alibaba to become a $16billion lender


The amount of payments made on CommBank’s Kaching app by 2013


The increase in mobile bankers at Bank of America since 2013 thanks to BankAmeriDeals


Generated by AmEx’s #MyAmex social media campaign


Percentage of traditional bank revenue eroded by competition from non-banks by 2020 (Figures from Accenture)


The ratio by which smartphones outsell personal computers


The number of times the average user checks their phone a day


Percentage of people who check their phone within 15 minutes of getting up


Percentage of people who currently own a smartphone


Percentage of people who will own a smartphone by 2020


The increase in GDP per person generated by adding 10 mobile phones per 100 people


Cost of an African smartphone


Number of Africans estimated to have a smartphone by 2016

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