Building a better company, introducing Populate.

Hi! My name is Kirsti Grant, I’m the CEO of Populate and formerly the VP Talent at Vend, a high growth startup that within my two years there grew from 37 people to 250. Lance Hodges, my fiancé and our Specialist Generalist was formerly VP Product at Vend and employee #12. There were a million highs and a few lows at Vend, it was the typical startup rollercoaster that is often talked about and ultimately it was the best learning experience anyone could ask for.

In August 2015 we finished up at Vend and when thinking about what we wanted to do next we really wanted to spend some time using our lessons learned to help companies scale. We also wanted to have a crack at building our own product. So, with the combination of an idea I’d had floating around for the previous 10 months and those recent experiences at Vend we made the decision to build a product to help build better companies.

We researched companies with 10 to 19,000 employees, with locations all over the world and from multiple industries. We asked how they planned their hiring, what technology they used, what kind of budgets existed and what data they wanted to help them plan their growth. Through that process we validated the opportunity to provide a solution that builds alignment across a company, encourages collaboration, makes use of valuable data relating to employees and to help companies plan for the future.

Before writing a single line of code we had pitched and demo’d to more than 100 different people. We started with rough mockups and iterated on the designs for our proposed solution very quickly. Having early customer conversations allowed us to move fast and receive crucial feedback and insights that usually come a lot later.

We are now so proud and excited to announce our new company — Populate, collaborative recruitment planning and insights for your team. We’d love you to check out our site and if you think it might be suitable please request early access. There will be more posts in the future outlining the process we’ve gone through and we’ll keep everyone posted on our progress.

If you have any questions at all we’d love to hear from you. Head to the website for contact details or follow me on Twitter.