Meet the Populate team

You may have noticed that we’ve been a little quiet on here lately, as you can imagine we’ve been a tad busy getting everything ready to release Populate into the wild. It’s been fun watching our beautiful InVision designs and prototypes finally take shape in the form of a working product and we’re excited to have our first customers ready to go this week.
We also did a small capital raise thanks to the Punakaiki Fund and grew our team to five! With all these things combined we’re poised to take full advantage of the opportunity we have and give it everything we’ve got.

We wanted to do a quick post to update ya’ll on where we’re at as well as introduce you to the three great humans that have jumped on board this crazy train.

First off we have Chris Greeff.

Chris is our Senior Front-End Engineer and he contracted to us part time from late last year before joining us as our first actual employee in April. Chris comes to us from Vend and prior to that, Orion — two great global software companies in retail and healthcare respectively. He’s been responsible for taking Jacky Lee’s, (our Contract Designer) beautiful designs and making them a reality in the product and you’ll see when you get your hands on Populate that he’s done an incredible job.

We like delicious food here at Populate so something we ask all our new employees is what they’d serve up at a dinner party. Chris responded with:

Entrée: Roasted pita bread crisps dressed with melted parmesan, homemade basil pesto and shaved chicken breast.
Main: Beef wellington with garlic roasted potatoes.
Dessert: Passionfruit soufflé; if that fails, crème brûlée; if that fails, French yogurt cake (I have a thing for French desserts).

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Next up we have Matt Evans.

Matt JUST got back to NZ after spending the last 8 years in Melbourne and London. Matt worked at SitePoint in Melbourne for many years, working on a variety of startups before heading to London and joining Saatchi & Saatchi as a Senior Web Developer before progressing to Head of Development. He’s our Senior Back-End Engineer and despite being with us for just two weeks you’d think he’d been around forever. In a good way of course. Matt has been taking over the reins from our good friend and early contractor Mal Curtis and is working on the API and all that back-endy stuff.

You’ll see that Matt is also pretty fancy in the kitchen department:
Entree: Pan seared scallops
Main: Lemon BBQ’d snapper.
Dessert: Creme Brulee

There appears to be a trend with the French desserts too….

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And now we have Raiha Buchanan.

Raiha is a Kiwi who has been living in Stockholm for the last 8 years. Most recently Raiha was Director of Marketing at iZettle where she was responsible for leading a team and taking iZettle into a number of different markets across Europe. Raiha is our VP Global Marketing so is responsible for getting the world talking about (and using) our awesome product.

You can tell Raiha is a marketer by how she’s crafted her dinner party:

Well, since it’s the beginning of summer here in Stockholm, I’ll mix up the dinner party and instead make it a casual BBQ with friends by the lake, close to where I live.

There’ll be grilled halloumi, mushrooms and feta baked in tinfoil with herbs and olive oil for the vegetarians. And racks of lamb (from New Zealand, of course) marinated in red wine and rosemary, for the meat eaters. There will be boiled new potatoes, fresh baguettes and salad.

We’ll finish it with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, and there will be PLENTY of rosé, sparkling and beer to go around. Nom nom.

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I have to pinch myself a little when it comes to looking at this team we’ve created. I have no doubts that this is the making of a pretty special company and I’m totally excited for what’s next.

So, stay tuned for many more updates, insights and awesomeness from the Populate team. With Raiha on board now we can expect lots of regular content relating to building companies, hiring, culture and all things relating to People & Populate.

Lots of love from Lance Hodges and I.