Did They or Didn’t They? Zelenskyy Not Saying Whether Ukraine Hit Russian Fuel Depot

If they did, they got a nice symbolic victory; if they didn’t, the Russians look nefarious — or dumb.

Steve Jones


A fire rages at a fuel depot in Belgorod, Russia. The fire may be the result of a Ukrainian attack. (AP photo/The Guardian)

Early April 1, 2022, a Russian fuel depot near Belgorod exploded and burst into flames. An inferno raged for hours.

Quickly, Russian officials reported that Ukrainian helicopters had attacked the depot. They provided video that apparently showed Mi-24 helicopters (a type which both Ukraine and Russia use) firing missiles at fuel storage units.

If Ukrainian helicopters did cross the Russian border north of Kharkiv, fly 40 kilometers at night, then fire missiles at the depot, it would be Ukraine’s first foray into Russian territory since the Ukraine war began five weeks ago.

But Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will neither confirm nor deny such an attack.

“ I’m sorry I do not discuss any of my orders as commander in chief, the leader of this state. There are things which I only share with the military armed forces of Ukraine and when they talk with me,” Zelenskyy said.

But Zelenskyy added, “You need to understand that on that territory that you mentioned they were placing their shooting systems and were…