This is Why You Don’t Like History

Your history teachers/professors weren’t any good!

They made it boring. They read to you from books. Later, they read to you from PowerPoints. PowerPoints that were crammed full of so many words they made your eyes roll inside out. PowerPoints that they didn’t make themselves, but got from the textbook company.

C’mon, that’s boring.

Here are some words of wisdom from one of the wisest of all, Walter Cronkite.

“I was not lucky enough in either high school or college to have a teacher who seemed willing, or perhaps able, to portray the conflict of fascinating personalities that underlies nearly all the critical moments of human experience. Reducing this great drama to the rote of names, dates, and places ought to be treated as a punishable crime. Let the tens of thousands of students who get their diplomas thinking that history was the dullest subject of their high school years be called as witnesses as we put the offending teachers in the dock.

“History must share with reading, writing, and arithmetic first rank as the most important subjects in the curriculum. Understanding the issues on which citizens of a republic are expected to vote is impossible without an understanding of the past. Those who have the opportunity but fail to impart that lesson can be accused of sabotaging the democratic process.” (Walter Cronkite, A Reporter’s Life, 1996)

Hmmm. Maybe that’s it. Maybe the folks in the White House had bad history teachers!

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