A quick Community update.

We are currently in a moment of clarity after the first successful group bid winning the first live invoice, amounting to £190,000.00 GBP. The Team are reviewing processes, and solutions for improvement are being implemented over the coming weeks.

We are very pleased with how things have progressed and anxious to start funding SME invoices. This is an exciting start and we are all looking forward to rolling from Beta live trading to full live Invoice trading. The Team is working with determination to bring many more SMEs to the platform. SME’s will be quite pleased with the low discounts they will be able to achieve on the platform. Currently Investors can leverage up to £100 million GBP, appetites are relatively large. We are at the reins to provide funding for the operation.

A word of caution with regard to current market actions related to PPT: The Community is aware that there are possible “pump and dump” operators artificially inflating the price of PPT, to dump for profit. This kind of gaming runs throughout the crypto-sphere. These efforts are not supported by the Community since they do not result in real market price discovery. As the Populous platform invoice volume grows, so too will the utility and value of PPT. Most Community members have or are accumulating PPT for use on the platform, not for trading. As a community we encourage investment in PPT for mid to long term use on the platform for income generation.

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Mark Harrison
Community Manager, Populous World.