PXP Platform preview

A sneak peek into Populous’ XBRL platform

The developers at Populous have created the XBRL platform (PXP), which is a BI (Business Intelligence) data analytics platform.

PXP provides datasets and analysis tools in a cost-effective way, so that businesses of all magnitudes can access the vast array of publicly available data and present it in an easily digestible format to then make decisions that will drive their business forward.

Populous’ developers have created the PXP platform in a way that allows skilled researchers to offer their services via the platform, resulting in users benefiting in high quality reports. It also enables business owners who complete reports for their own use to sell these reports via the system to other users of the platform, which will then help to recover some of their investment in the service.

PXP Simulation is now available!

The PXP simulation allows you to have an idea of what conducting your business intelligence and research entails on the platform. View the simulation now to discover the smooth and easy to use interface, suitable for users of all skill levels from budding researchers to skilled analysts.

When the research is completed, the researcher is rewarded with Populous XBRL tokens (PXT) which is the payment system used on the platform.
The PXP simulation not only connects business owners and researchers, but is a platform that will strengthen the PXP community.

Link to simulation: https://preview.uxpin.com/85acf3a2d95ee2f2e18264898774d8274983f5b8#/pages/83269628/simulate/sitemap?mode=i

In addition and for reasons unclear; the PXT token has been assigned the ticker PXBRL on the exchange Forkdelta.


Lou Chan 
Head of Marketing, Populous.