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May 3, 2018 · 2 min read

London, May 3rd 2018

Populous originated as an idea and has been built from the ground up by the people, for the people. After months of work, and a compelling team effort, Populous goes on live beta to showcase invoice financing on the Blockchain.

The team at Populous are humbled by the support of the community where almost a thousand strong came to sign up to participate in the first ever invoice to be financed on the Blockchain. Despite the overwhelming support, Populous decided to allow a handful of participants to ensure a smooth transition from their beta test network.

The invoice was sold within a few hours, where more than fifteen participants came together to form a group bid that amounted to £190,000.00. On the Populous platform, users can bid on invoices individually or form a group bid to offer the best cash flow solutions to businesses that require invoice discounting.

The live beta launch comes at a time where the invoice financing industry is becoming increasingly fast paced where SMEs that are looking for alternative financial solutions.

The team behind Populous are proud to have the first invoice financed on the Blockchain in their live beta platform which has strengthened their resolve to always put the security of the funds and user experience as top priority on the platform.

While the launch of the live beta was successful, there is still a long way to climb to become a major player with a global presence in the invoice discounting industry, and the team are ready and excited for the challenges ahead.

Users can visit to see Populous’ completed crowdsale.

For more information, visit .


Lou Chan

Head of Marketing, Populous.

Populous World

Invoice Discounting and Business Intelligence on Blockchain

Populous World

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Populous World

Invoice Discounting and Business Intelligence on Blockchain