Populstay or Populife?

The article explains how these two brands are uniquely intertwined

What is Populife

Most probably you have already heard about Populstay — a blockchain-based home-sharing platform (visit us at www.populstay.com).

Populife is a brand under PopulStay, which provides smart devices for your house. This is especially important for home-sharing, where automatization of many processes and raising security is highly desirable. The products of Populife include smart locks, smart keyboxes, etc.

Besides, Populife is specializing in software development and IoT solutions. The clients of Populife are companies, which are interested in the Internet-related and App-enabled smart products and services.

Populife Application

The Populife application for IOS was released on the 17th of November, 2018. The Android version is currently under development. This application enables you to use your smartphone as a key to your house.

The Populife application can record everyone who gets access to your house. You, as a user, can generate a special PIN code and eKey and send it to your visitors via a smartphone. Now you can remotely control your doors!

Features of the app include:
1. Bluetooth key generating/granting and sharing;
2. Master PIN code generating;
3. Visitor’s PIN code creating;
4. PIN code valid time setting;
5. eKey management; 
6. User’s record checking; 
7. Offline unlocking; 
8. Door lock remote control;

How to Use Smartlocks

If you set a smart lock on your door, you can easily use your smartphone to control the access to your property remotely. Just set a sensitive pin-code for your guests for a certain period of time and let them in! Once the guests check out, the pin code becomes invalid.

There is one more Populife product — smart keyboxes, which can be used for storing traditional keys. You can put the keys into your smart keybox and set a pin-code. Once the guest receives the pin-code, the guest can take out the key and open the door. You can give access to your guest when you are not at home. Easy!


On the 14th~16th of November, the Populife team participated in the biggest trade show for small and medium-sized businesses in Japan — Tokyo International Industry Exhibition.

The organizer of the exhibition was Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The exhibition was also supported by General Incorporated Association Tokyo Industry Federation, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Tokyo Small and Medium Business Investment consultation co., Ltd.

The main purpose of the Tokyo International Industry Exhibition was to bring together some unique small and medium-sized companies, allowing them to showcase their superb technology and products, and provide opportunities for their market expansion, inter-company collaboration, information gathering, and other business activities.

As for some future plans, Populife is going to participate in CES2019, which will be held on the 8th~11th of January in Las Vegas. Do not miss it!

Find more information here: https://www.ces.tech


To sum it up, Populife is building a platform for different kinds of smart-home products. It is providing customized App solutions and PCB module services. In other words, if a company wants to upgrade its product and turn it into a smart product, Populife can support it.

Well, a pretty good match with Populstay, isn’t it?

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