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21 Perfectly Optimized Popup Designs & Sketch Source Download!

Popupsmart offers 23 perfectly optimized popup designs for you to inspire in 2020. You can get details throughout this article!

27 Perfectly Optimized Popup Designs to Inspire for 2020

You know a successful and converting popup is the perfectly designed popup, right?

You might not be a designer, but that is not an excuse. You can create stunning popups with the popup design inspirations we’ve got for you.

In this article, we will change the way you see popups entirely by providing amazing tips, information, and inspiring design examples. Ready?

Table of contents:

You can also check our pinterest popup design board or nicepopups to get even more inspired!

The best way to create superb popup designs is through using a high-quality popup service provider like Popupsmart.

A popup service;

  • Without plugin requirement
  • Providing advanced targeting options
  • That has (particularly) various template options with full customizability for distinguished popup designs, is just what you need.

First, let me give a piece of quick information about;

How Popup Services Work?

In order to take advantage of popup services, you need to select your business goal such as,

After that, you’ll select the dimension where you want to show your popups such as,

  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop

Eventually, you’re going to select a popup type and the best popup template based on your business goal.

You can personalize your popup campaigns just the way you need with Popupsmart’s popup builder. The builder lets you reflect your brand with splendid popup designs.

It’s all that simple and easy!

Now, let’s keep going by describing each popup design to make you get the maximum profit from your campaigns.

You can also measure how much you gained from investing in a popup service easily with our free popup roi calculator tool!

I will explain the process step by step based on the different business goals that I’ve mentioned above.

1. Best Popup Designs To Increase Sales Conversions

Promocode Popup

You can increase your sales conversions with the help of Promocode Popup. This popup will be helpful to deliver the right message about your popular products and dynamic coupon codes.

By improving your products’ impression, you’ll succeed in your marketing efforts.

Coupon Code Popup

You can convert your abandoning visitors with the help of the dynamic coupon code popup impressions.

PopupSmart services offer a smart way to make you increase your sales.

Competition & Giveaway Popup

If you want to trigger your customers to become subscribers, use a competition-giveaway popup design to gain them!

Boost Product Popup

These promotional popups are useful to boost your popular products or services. By showing this popup, you will increase your sales conversions immediately!

Also, don’t forget that every popup template has a responsive design that is compatible with mobile, tablet or computers.

Furthermore, you can integrate sounds with impressions for your spectacular popup campaigns.

2. Best Popup Designs To Grow Your Email List

If you’re eager to grow your mailing list, say Hi to PopupSmart’s advanced popup designs.

In order to convert your website visitors into email leads, we offer the best user experience in popup designs.

What is user experience?

Join Community Popup

How about acquiring your customer’s information to get them to join your services?

You may simply ask for their personal information as well as their email addresses with these popups. By providing this experience, you will gain subscriptions to your blog page, website, or products.

Call-to-action Popup

If you give them a strong call-to-action message, then there is no way not to convert your website visitors into loyal fans.

Make it with high-quality popups that will convey your message at the right time to the right person!

Newsletter Popup

You can promote your newsletter signups with the help of our advanced popup designs. Say goodbye to those boring, bad designs that make you feel irritated.

Demo Request Popup

By using this smart demo request popup you can collect your customer’s email addresses to provide them with what they need instantly!

Floating Bar Newsletter Popup

As a popular popup design, the Floating Popup template is located at the top or bottom bar of the browser.

PopupSmart’s Floating Bar popups enable you to create eye-catching header or footer bars that stay visible as visitors scroll through your site.

Believe me, it’s one of the best ways to convert visitors to subscribers without annoying them.

Also, if you want to highlight sales or promote content upgrades or simply say hello to your visitors I highly recommend using floating bar popup designs.

Lead Magnet Popup

You can show the most frequently asked questions that may come to people’s minds.

Thus, the conversion inhibiting elements are gone and the user is more inclined to join your email list and purchase a product!

Product Updates Popup

PopupSmart offers a better way to inform your website visitors of your new products, latest updates on your services and much more.

I guess you’re tired of having a bad experience with popups. However, this popup design will make you happy to share the news with your followers!

Floating Bar Blog Post Popup

As we know the most convincing part of the Floating Popup template is that it does not interrupt the user experience. It can be effectively used as an announcement or conversion target.

You should definitely try the floating bar blog post popup to provide useful information about your latest blogs or articles!

It will automatically increase your conversion rates.

Wheel Popup

As an unusual popup design, wheel popup templates attracts attention. Accordingly, it provides efficient conversions for users.

You can create a wheel popup by customizing it for your website. You may set some display rules (in every other popup design) or arrange styles as well as the content. It’s all up to you!

However, it’s one of the best popup designs and a new trend that will make your conversion rates skyrocket!

Sidebar Popup

As an ideal popup design to provide visitor communication without disturbance, the sidebar popup template aims to direct users who are interested in target conversion.

Sidebar Blog Post Popup

Another way to guide your visitors to your blog posts or useful articles is through sidebar blog post designs to give users the best experience!

Sidebar Notification Popup

Let your website visitors view notifications instantly through Sidebar Notification Popups.

If they don’t want to perform and complete the call-to-action they may choose to look at it another time.

Announcement Popup

As you see, Announcement Popups are another great way to trigger your website visitors. Create powerful call-to-action buttons in your campaigns and display them to increase your conversion rates!

Covid Response Popup

Covid-19 affected almost every branch of the business world. If you have made changes in order to take precautions against the pandemic, you may need to inform your customers about them.

With Popupsmart’s ready-made Covid-19 response pop-up designs, you can easily notify your customers about your measures against the virus.

3. Best Popup Designs To Increase Your Phone Call Conversions

Call Request Popup

You may let your visitors enter their phone numbers to call them back, or so they can directly call you by providing a call now call-to-action button in this popup design.

Don’t underestimate the power of phone call conversions. You’ll see the benefits as you start to use this advanced tool!

Whatsapp Call Popup

You can directly add a WhatsApp support line to your site.

All you have to do is specify your phone number and watch your phone call conversion rates boom!

Best-Rated Popup Designs

Cookie Popup

Have cookie compliance popups on your website, which carry the characteristics of;

  • Presenting clear information about the purpose of cookies,
  • Explaining tracking technologies in use on the website,
  • Requesting for cookie consent initially in users’ browsers,
  • Having a link to your Cookie Policy, which includes the details of cookie usage, purpose, and related third-party activities.

Exit-Intent Popup

Popups have a smart algorithm to detect and react to visitor behaviors such as abandonment, inactivity time, exit-intent, etc.

That means when a visitor tends to leave the website, the system detects the mouse movements and displays the exit-intent popup.

You can use exit-intent popups to regain users’ attention and guide them towards a strong call to action such as to “Subscribe” or “Get a Discount.” In this way, exit-intent popups trigger the improvement of your website’s conversion rate.

Exit-Intent popups are great options for you to lure your customers back with attractive messages or incentives. Moreover, by asking for your visitors’ emails on your incentive including popups that are triggered on exit intent, you can improve your email marketing campaigns.

In this way, visitors can receive your tempting offer and you can have a strong list of new high-quality leads.

According to Baymard Institute’s data, you can recover up to 69.89% of abandoned carts by showing your visitors an Exit-Intent Popup.

  • You can keep your visitors engaged and increase your chances to convert them with exit-intent popups.
  • Recommending popular products from your website or showing trendy content to your visitors is another powerful way to keep them engaged. With exit-intent popup technology, you can test alternative headlines to figure out which one is more effective.

As the Popupsmart team, we’re sure that you’ve already started implementing exit-intent popups to your website.

5 Most Preferred Popup Designs

Here are 5 popup designs that are demanded a lot by our customers. I hope, you would also like it;

Furthermore, did you know how to create a popup for your website web platform? Learn more now!

Have comments and thoughts about our well-optimized popup designs? We’d love to hear.

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