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55 Exit Intent Popup Examples to Increase Conversions

This article is written to give you some clear ideas about exit-intent popups and how to use them to boost your conversions with 55 inspiring examples!

55 Exit Intent Popup Examples to Increase Conversions

Exit intent popups convert.

One of the most effective ways to generate leads is to show exit-intent popups. How?

Our customers have shared their experience: after beginning to display exit-intent popup, they get 341% increase in email list subscribers, 290% increase in form building efforts, 53% of abandoning visitors back and 4.1% increase in sales conversions. Encouraged?

Yes? Create your exit-intent popup for free now!

No? Then, let’s explain exit-intent popups better.

Table of contents:

What is an Exit-Intent Popup?

Exit-intent means tracking mouse movements and scrolling behaviors of website visitors and detecting when a visitor is about to leave your website. An exit-intent popup is displayed when a visitor decides to bounce.

It is used to collect more forms, generate more email subscribers, and reduce cart abandonment by showing a popup once a visitor’s cursor leaves the frame of your website.

Exit-Intent Technology in Mobile Devices

What if there is no courser movement like in mobile devices?

When a visitor comes to your landing page and scrolls up quicker than scrolling down, the exit popup will appear to prevent the user from going back to previous page results.

How Do Exit-Intent Popups Work?

Exit intent overlay is an excellent opportunity to present an exclusive offer for a product if you target the right pages, the right audience, at the right time.

They work perfectly on landing pages, commercial websites, and online e-commerce stores.

Let me clarify the above statement above.

A user visits an e-commerce website and decides to leave without any conversions.

If you show them an exit-intent popup with an irresistible offer that provides higher value than your landing page, they are more likely to purchase an item from your store.

Or if a visitor comes to your store and adds a few products to the cart. Then, they decide to leave to do some research about the same products from other online stores.

Voila, an exit-intent popup appears and offers a “40% off” coupon code that expires within 10 minutes. Congratulations, you have a new order!

With an exit-intent popup, you can save abandoned carts and increase your revenue by up to 30%.

Furthermore, we do not recommend that you show exit intent popups to those who have already taken action because it may annoy your customers!

55 Exit-Intent Popup Examples to Inspire

Of course, the conversion rate may vary according to your business type, store quality, or your target market, but if you are not displaying exit popups, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Let’s have a look at 150 successful exit-intent popup examples and explain the exit popup hacks that boost visitor engagement.

1. Lush

Lush created an unmissable design to attract attention, and their humor makes you subscribe right away!

**2. Mic

This popup appeared on articles about Trump on mic.com. It is very visible and very relevant to its context. An example of thinking smart!

**3. JCrew

J Crew team does a great job of presenting their value proposition with a minimized opt-out choice: submit an email address for accessing exclusive sales.

4. Zendesk

Zendesk aims to regain its visitors who have checked their pricing plans by offering a free product demo with an exit-intent popup.

5. GQ

GQ designed a minimalistic and slick exit-intent popup. Rather than providing a sign up for their general email list, the popup appears depending on what content their visitors were looking at most recently.

6. Skullcandy

Skullcandy includes negative language, “No, I hate saving money,” aiming to persuade visitors to accept their offer. Great sense of humor!

7. CoSchedule

The progress bar alludes that your customers are halfway to receiving a reward. Coschedule does a good job of persuading its visitors with the Zeigarnik effect.

8. Skin Science

Skin Science creates an exit-intent popup appealing to an emotional need by using the words “VIP Insider.” They also provide value in their offer.

9. Milledeux

Clothing retailer Milledeux evokes positive feelings to get visitors’ email addresses when they are abandoning their carts.

10. Zutano

Zutano offers a coupon code for their about-to-leave visitors to make sure they will return to the store.

11. Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes popup creates a sense of urgency and only appears to those who have something in their cart.

12. Roadside Vapes

Roadside Vapes genuinely designed an exit-intent popup with emotional appeal and also offered 10% off to make their visitors come back.

13. Casper

An online mattress retailer Casper shows an exit-intent popup and gives the user a way to earn a fair discount by filling out a short survey.

14. Sivana

Sivana provides a coupon code in the exit-intent popup to users who try to leave the checkout page without any conversions.

15. Pricefalls

Pricefalls catches users with an exit-intent popup, which lets them know the order has not been placed. They use reasonably polite and a little presumptive language.

16. KBauthority

KBauthority approaches its users as they would like to help users continue their tasks in the future rather than merely asking them to sign up for their newsletter.

17. Green Mountain Mustard

Green Mountain Mustard achieved a great job by showing a message that is amplified by a 10% discount and includes humor.

*18. Cosmopolitan

Cosmopolitan plays on its users’ curiosity very well! Visitors give their emails in return to get those makeup hacks with extra ‘secrets.’

19. Canvas Factory

Canvas Factory offers a massive discount, which is very tempting. If massive discounts are sustainable in your store, then why not try it?

20. Which Test Won

Which Test Won designs a minimal and attention-grabbing exit-intent popup to put across value to visitors.

21. Aestheticare

A medical spa center Aestheticare intercepts users with an exit-intent popup that could resonate with website visitors.

22. Gr8t Fires

Gr8tFires, a gas and wood-burning fireplace provider, offers an “installation cost calculator” to their abandoning visitors because their sales cycle is a bit long and requires knowledge about the aspects of the products.

23. Backlinko

Backlinko has used a negative CTA in its exit-intent popup, which successfully establishes the fear of missing out effect in website visitors.

24. Matthew Barby

Matthew Barby includes an appealing mockup of his Growth Hacking eBook and uses an image of the product in his exit-intent popup.

**25. Quick Sprout

One of the most significant objections of shoppers is the regret of purchase. Neil Patel overcomes this issue by including a money-back-guarantee on the exit-intent popup.

26. Baby Age

Baby Age makes the buying process easier by including a link to shoppers’ checkout pages. There is no additional action required to complete the purchase. Perfect!

27. Booking

Booking uses an exit-intent popup during the reservation process to show how many other visitors are looking at the same offer. It is a good method to encourage the desired action.

28. Diamond Candles

Diamond Candles offers free shipping to card-abandoning users to encourage them to complete the checkout process.

29. Snack Nation

Snack Nation offers a free sample box to obtain a chance to engage with their prospects and to sell more in the future.

30. Graphic Stock

Web Designer Depot offers seven days of free downloads to attract the attention of leaving users and encourage them to shop.

31. Muubaa

Muubaa reinforces the desirability of their clothing by providing some social proof on their exit-intent popup.

32. VisualDNA

Visual DNA presents quizzes to gather audience insights. Their website users take quizzes to learn who they are in psychological theory. Brilliant!

33. Klient Boost

Klient Boost uses the “pile of poo” emoji in their exit-intent popup to make their visitors smile. Evoking positive feelings will take them up on the parting offer.

34. Social Triggers

Social Triggers try to increase their conversions with the help of the psychology of choice: when people have a choice of not doing something, they are more likely to want to do this thing. Clever idea!

35. Dog Lovers

Dog Lovers affect their website visitors with social proof and emotional triggering approach in their exit-intent popup. Believe me; it works very well!

36. Site Point

Site Point is also using social proof in their exit-intent popup to make them think, “Over 100,000 web developers cannot be wrong; let me try!”

37. Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes displays his “Top Trader” badge in the exit-intent popup; hence authority is a powerful sense to maximize conversions.

38. Kindlepreneur

Arrows help the reader comprehend information better than written directions due to selective attention. Kindlepreneur uses arrows on their exit-intent popup to direct viewers’ attention towards the call to action.

39. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg assumes that a visitor wants to buy one of their plans and does not try to sell a webinar at all. Interesting approach, but it may work!

40. Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo designs an exit-intent popup that emphasizes certain words with the color pink so that people attract more attention to those words than an opt-in box at the bottom.

41. World of Watches

WOW displays a full-screen exit-intent popup that makes sure visitors won’t miss the proposal. The visual is simply stunning and also includes a visible discount amount to encourage even the most reluctant people to subscribe to their newsletter.

42. Leesa

A $100 discount is a great way to arouse the interest of website users. Leesa shows an exit-intent popup that perfectly matches with their visual identity.

43. Hidrate Spark

Hidrate Spark includes practical elements such as a discount, sense of urgency, testimonial comment, and a definite call to action to create an irresistible exit-intent popup.

44. Basic Outfitters

Basic Outfitters presents a catchy headline, a content reminding the benefits of subscribing, and a stunning visual design in their exit-intent popup.

45. Style Runner

Style Runner adds all the ingredients of conversion-ready exit-intent popup like a discount, a sense of community, a call to action highlighting the benefits of subscribing their newsletter.

46. Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris encourages clicking on the desired call to action button in bold red typo and discourages clicking on opt-out in a simple and small typo.

47. Ryan Robinson

Ryan Robinson positions his email newsletter signup as a free course rather than simply presenting the exit-intent popup as a lead generation form. Wonderful marketing!

48. General Assembly

General Assembly influences website visitors’ mind by presenting the curriculum for their Digital Marketing class with an exit intent popup. It provides value very well.

49. Everlane

‘Free shipping’ is an alternative to discount code offer. Everlane provides free shipping to non-cookied visitors in their exit-intent popup to drive conversions.

50. Taft

Taft presents an exit intent popup that gives a sense of speaking directly to their users in a retail store. Very good!

51. Pet Flow

Pet Flow is aware that nobody in their target audience can resist a cute pug saying that subscribe to hear from us. Smart and relevant!

52. Help Scout

Help Scout uses a powerful persuasion tool, social proof, which makes their visitors say that “They have 72,588 subscribers. Am I missing something valuable?”

53. Bounce Exchange

Bounce Exchange leverages loss aversion in their exit intent popup because they know losing money is more painful than receiving money.

54. Zodeys

Who does not like to play? Zodeys presents an entertaining game in the form of a wheel exit intent popup that can be spun out in exchange for a visitor’s email address. Smart idea to generate leads!

55. Copy Hackers

Copy Hackers display a deal in their exit intent popup: a video course access in exchange for the email address of a leaving visitor. Interesting!

I hope this content has given you some clear ideas about exit popups and how to use them to boost your conversions.

Which was your favorite exit-intent popup example? Let me know in the comments!

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