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Conversion Rate Optimization 8 TIPS with Video

Do you want your website to convert more traffic into leads sales and customers? Take these 8 tips for conversion rate optimization.

Conversion Rate Optimization 8 TIPS with Video

Do you want your website to convert more traffic into leads sales and customers?

Table of contents:

Well, we transcripted this video to give you 8 tips to help you increase your website’s conversion rate.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

Well anybody can build a website right but not everybody has a website that actually produces the highest amount of sales with lead generation and customers as possible.

Your website is your best salesperson. It works 24/7 it never calls in sick it works through all the holidays it has your perfect sales pitch every single time.

So the key is to make sure that your website is converting all of its traffic at the highest rate and there are eight tips to help you do that.

8 TIPS to Increase Conversion Rate

1. Pass the Two and a Half Second Rule

Studies show that when somebody clicks to a website they give you about two and a half seconds before hitting the back button if they don’t find what they’re looking for.

So the key is that within two and a half seconds you have to make it very clear who you are, how to contact you, what you do and how to move to the next step.

2. Search Your Competitors

Go to Google, search for your competitors, click on their website. Look at them and then look at your own and be honest with yourself.

Do you look the best?

Would you pick you?

Your customers are doing that same process when they’re researching to do they need to do business with.

3. Keep Your Design Smooth & Simple

Less is more.

Don’t give somebody a tidal wave of content as soon as they go onto your page.

This is going to cause them to hit the back button. What you want to do is summarize into your Wow lines just one quick sentence your WOW line which is what makes you different.

Why somebody should really go with you?

Tighten it up, don’t get too wordy. The wordier you are the more people that leave your site and kill your conversion rate.

4. Have Smooth, Easy Navigation & a Clear Conversion Funnel

When somebody comes on your website, lands on your page they really need to be able to understand how to get where they want to go. If that’s difficult you’re going to lose them.

Think out that conversion funnel process. Have a clear path to conversion.

If you have a clear cap path to conversion you’re going to have a higher conversion rate.

5. Have High Trust

Websites with high conversion rates also have high trust.

People aren’t going to convert if they don’t trust you. Make sure you have trust badges, you highlight some of your awards, experience, reviews, etc.

6. Test & Check Your Site on Mobile

So many business owners get caught up at work looking at their site on their desktop and it looks amazing. However, they’re failing to really check it on the on the mobile phone.

Check it on the mobile phone and check on multiple devices make sure it loads well. Make sure that your call to actions is above the fold.

When somebody loads your homepage they don’t need to scroll down to see that information. It should be there right away because if it’s not you’re failing on the two and a half second rule and you’re losing out on conversion.

7. Use Multi-Channel Retargeting

97% of your traffic typically not going to convert the first time it comes to your site.

This doesn’t mean that it’s bad traffic it just means they’re in research mode, they’re not ready to convert right now.

So by retargeting those people across multiple channels such as Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook you’re staying top of mind.

That’s going to increase your overall conversion rate as time goes by.

8. Have Strong Ad Copy

Both paid and organic is key to a high conversion rate.

If you have people coming to your site that should really be coming to your site, it’s going to make your conversion rate look bad. So, you want traffic coming to your site that’s very targeted that wants what you provide.

If you’re putting up information social media posts things that are not relevant to your business and that traffic’s coming to your site not going to convert. It’s going to hurt your conversion rate.

So hopefully this content helps you understand eight tips to increase your overall conversion rate. If you have any questions please ask and I’ll try to answer ASAP!

To get more detailed information on conversion rate optimization, take a look at our guide!

22 Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization Infographic

We like sharing our knowledge with our visitors! You are very welcome to use our infographics on your own website for presenting excellent information that explains 22 tips for successful conversion rate optimization.

<p><a href=”https://popupsmart.com/blog/conversion-rate-optimization-tips"> <img src=”https://popupsmart.com/blog/images/2/2/-/t/i/22-tip-for-successful-conversion-rate-optimization-infographics-dacad72d.png" alt=”22 Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization Infographic by Popupsmart” width=”718px” height=”6462px” border=”0"> </a></p>

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