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Why You Should Use COVID-19 Response Notification Popup?

Most likely your brand is affected by the outbreak, COVID-19, along with the rest of the world.

But still, you must keep your customers up to date to increase engagement.

Display a COVID-19 response pop-up on your website to show that your brand is responsive to such worldwide grief and stress.

Do you want to inform your customers about the precautions you took against the pandemic or raise awareness?

You can simply add a covid popup notification to your website by using Popupsmart.

Through show-up notifications you can easily communicate with your website visitors and inform them about the Coronavirus.

Show-up notifications are display notifications based on a website visitor’s behavior to increase engagement.

With these pop-ups, you can maintain a consistent relationship with your customers.
Moreover, you can add CTAs (call-to-action) to your popup that leads to a landing page.

Effective COVID-19 Pop-up Usage

Veriheal uses the corona noification popup to inform its customers about that they started to take online/telemedicine appointments.

For instance, to inform your customers and raise awareness, you can add a CTA that leads to the WHO website displaying news and information about COVID-19. Or embed any CTA that suits your requirements.

Pyramid Federal Credit Union uses a corona notification popup to notify customers about that lobby services are by appointment only.

You can notify your customers about whether your business continues or if there is any obstacle in the shipping process due to the Coronavirus

Jerry Shephard uses a corona popup to create awareness about staying at home.

Do not forget to engage with your customers, they want to hear from you!

Create a free COVID-19 response notification pop-up and keep in touch with them.

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