A new dawn for casework management

It’s all too common a tale when you’re an elected representative. As a prominent figure in the local community, people may come to you with problems at any moment — but you’re trying to buy some groceries. Fitting your public role into your private life can be tough.

But you did sign up to this. Your community should feel like it can rely on you, that you’re approachable and trustworthy. And so juggling your bags and their concerns, you reach for your notebook to record their problem. You scribble it down. Done.

That’s not the end though. When you get home, you’ve got to start turning the cogs of local democracy to get this issue solved.

Only you’ve mislaid the note.

You can’t remember their exact address.

What were the finer details of their noise complaint again?!

There is a better way to stay organised

For over 10 years, councillors across the UK have been using eCasework to record, track and complete cases brought to them by their public. It’s a useful tool and has been taken on centrally by Lambeth Council and Rotherham Council to help their councillors improve life for local residents.

Moving the casework process from paper to digital is one of the biggest time savers. 
— from ‘Managing casework effectively’, Doteveryone.
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A new era in casework management

Without a doubt, technology plays an important role in the lives of most people. Technology has been helping businesses everywhere become more efficient and provide better services. There’s also a growing trend for elected representatives to become more active online and engage digitally with their local community.

We want to help you be a local champion, stay on the ball with community developments, engage personally with residents and businesses, and get things done.

With all of that in mind, the new version of eCasework has been re-designed from the ground up for MPs, councillors and unions across the UK. Paying particular attention to mobile devices, scenarios like the mislaid note will become a thing of the past. Next time a person raises a concern, you’ll be primed and ready to help. You can raise the case instantly from your smartphone or tablet, and receive notifications when it’s time to check on its progress. You’re able to see if it’s part of a larger issue by tagging cases. As patterns develop, your casework can even start to inform local policy.

Join us!

eCasework is the all-in-one solution for MPs, councillors and unions to help manage their casework. It’s a notepad, address book, inbox, diary and filing system all in one place. And as it’s available in the cloud, protected by our rigorous security principles, you can manage your casework at home, near the pool or on the bus.

  • Available everywhere you go: everything is in sync on your smartphone, tablet and computer.
  • Stay on track with timely reminders: we’ll notify you when it’s time to revisit a case.
  • All tools in one place: track cases, email people, store files and manage your calendar in one easy place.
  • Live chat: round-the-clock help and advice from our support team.
  • Update cases via email: no need to log in, just use email.
  • Calendar sync: see where surgeries clash with your personal life.
  • Full team support: Members, officers and volunteers all under one roof.

Give the tool a try with our 30-day free trial. eCasework costs £6.25 per month or £60 per year for an MP, councillor or union representative. A discount is available for group bookings from parties, authorities and organisations.