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Port Finance is live on Mainnet!

Hey fellow Porters!

Port Finance has been functioning on the Solana testnet since May 2021, and after a month of heads down building, the team is proud to announce that we are moving towards our next milestone — a guarded launch on mainnet!

Port Finance Guarded Main Net Launch

Port Finance’s guarded launch is an early pre-audited version of Port Finance on Solana mainnet, with capped functionalities elaborated further below! Our guarded launch is available to all, check it out here!

Why a Guarded Launch?

Finding the fine balance between security and enabling users to experience Port Finance on mainnet is tough. We have decided to launch on mainnet in conjunction with an incentivized bug bounty programme (to be announced soon), as well as incorporating capped functionalities to minimise possible losses.

We will be starting with two primary pools (given that it is an unaudited version) of SOL and USDC pairs. The initial limit set will be at a small amount of 10 USDC and 1 SOL, which will then periodically be lifted exponentially.

While we are thrilled to be the first Lending Protocol launched on Solana, we must still keep in mind the risks around DeFi.

What are the Incentives of Participating?

As we move forward with the full launch of Port Finance, we would like to give huge thanks to the community members who have been providing their support since day 1! We definitely owe a huge part of Port’s success to the community and we will definitely be looking to carry out an retrospective airdrop when we officially launch full-fledged!

What is up next!

Amidst the guarded launch, the team is still currently working to make improvements! We will be working with our early supporters, partners and community members to make the experience better for users. You can expect more updates for us as we continue to close key milestones, and our official IDO on Solanium.

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