Sustainable and Renewable Energy Sources

We can be sure of getting solar energy as long as we have a sun and without the sun there is no life in this universe. Since solar energy is obtained from the radiation of the sun, it is energy that is sustainable as well as renewable. It is said that the entire energy needs of the globe for a year can be taken care of by the energy that the Sun provides in just one hour. It is now very popular to harness this energy for several uses. There are businesses set up that specializes in solar products like the ones in New Hampshire. Not only is it more economical, it is also good for the environment as well.

Some of the Advantages of Solar Energy

There are several advantages of using solar energy and it can be used for different purposes. Not only can you heat but generation of electricity is also possible. This means that those places that do not have too much of access to the energy grid can generate electricity, satellites can be powered in space and it can be used to distil water in those areas where clean water is hard to get. Solar panel mounts for the roof are available. Whatever the type of roof, tiled ones or low slope or flat roofs, they have suitable mounts. They are easy to install and they are also water proof which is important. Ground mounts for solar panels are also available. Solar systems are also low maintenance and as long as they are cleaned at least twice a year it should work well. There is barely any wear and tear and the only thing that needs to be changed will be the inverter and that too maybe every 10 years.

A Few Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Like everything in life solar systems also have some disadvantages. They are expensive to install, it works more efficiently when the sun is shining and a lot of space is required to set up the solar panels. In New Hampshire there are experts who can help to design the panels depending on the space available and the requirement. It is important to remember to avoid places that are shaded by big buildings or trees, in order to increase the production of electricity.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Solar Energy System

There are so many solar panel mounting systems in NH and sometimes you may be confused when making a choice. When the panels face the sun, the highest amount of electricity is produced and hence it is important that the panels can be adjusted at least 4 times a year according to the movement of the sun. The basic roof mount is available but sometimes you may have to choose others depending upon the area you live in and the climate. The solar mount rail can be used for titled mounts or flat roof mounts and can be placed vertically or horizontally. There is side-of pole mounts to which up to four modules can be attached. Then you also have vehicle mounted racks which are also called boat mounts or RV. Whenever required you can attach the panels.

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