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Portal Angel Investor Onboarding

The Portal project takes pleasure in introducing you to Angel Investor, Aditya Nagarsheth; successful London-based Tech Investor, businessman, and Founder at Perpetual Value Partners Limited.

Aditya completed his LLM at the University of London in 2003 and later practiced law and raised capital for private equity and venture funds. He identified his itch in Investment & Finance during his time at Raay Global, a single-family office where Aditya analyzed and invested into multiple asset classes in 2012.

Starting in 2015, Aditya began to invest in startups and other businesses. Gradually Aditya started exploring the burgeoning crypto and DeFi market, making his first investment into a DeFi project in 2016. Since then, Aditya has become full-time crypto and venture capital investor with over 100 investments; where he has invested $4 Million with a return of over $25 Million of capital with potential upside in an illiquid portfolio.

Aditya has made key investments in platforms like Republic, Blockfolio, Robinhood, Blockstack, Sushi, Filecoin, Chainlink, Keep, The Graph, Ripple, etc.

We welcome Aditya to the ever-growing ecosystem of Portal with great enthusiasm and look forward to an amazing journey together!

About Portal

The Portal Project is a layer 2 system purpose-built to facilitate cross-chain atomic transactions. It is user-friendly and offers numerous DeFi services built on Bitcoin. Users on Portal can experience the speed and liquidity of centralized alternatives with the trust minimization guarantees of Bitcoin.

The Portal Project is built on Fabric’s market for computations- a free market for De-Fi services. Fabric is a general-purpose “computation market”, in which users can deploy complex programs for blinded execution by a network of peers.

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