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Portal Monthly Review : April 2022

Portal is here to revolutionize DeFi on Bitcoin. From expanding Portal’s core development team to announcing game-changing partnerships, April’s accomplishments highlight Portal’s dedication to forward innovation for technologies built on Bitcoin. Portal has been featured Globally; with headlines in NASDAQ, Coindesk, and interview features with prominent voices in the space.

Here’s the summarized report:

Partnership Developments:

High Circle: The Portal collaboration with HighCircleX, a blockchain-based asset marketplace by High Circle Ventures, aims to tokenize the shares in pre-IPO companies on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Hemanth Golla, the CEO of HighcircleX, said, “We believe that tokenization and fast, easy tradability that come with it will unlock and expand this market tremendously.”

Read more about it here.

Mintlayer: Joining forces with Bitcoin sidechain protocol Mintlayer, Portal and Mintlayer will allow a larger audience to interact with the DeFi ecosystem in a more private and secure environment with minimal fees.

Read more about it here.

Engineering Team Member Onboarding

The Portal Engineering Team welcomed the addition of Terry Philipson, a bitcoin-space veteran and passionate builder. Terry also serves as the Senior Community Manager at Portal. He will be the primary Web Developer for the website: portaldefi.com.

Read to learn more about Terry Philipson here.

Feature and Cover Stories

Hackernoon: Renowned tech media outlet Hackernoon released an in-depth article featuring Portal. The article details Portal’s unique offerings that aim to eliminate the need and use of wrapped tokens with its multi-chain cross-exchange feature that is faster, private, and secure. Hackernoon further explains the advantages and potential of Portal.

Read more about it here!

Invezz.com: Breaking down the crucial points in a comprehensive article, Invezz.com covered Portal’s mission of creating a multichain future for DeFi — discarding wrapped tokens. The article explains the drawbacks of using wrapped tokens, and how Portal DEX resolves such long prevailed security issues.

Read this article in full here.

The Bit Times: The Bit Times stressed the need and sustainability of a decentralized financial ecosystem, featuring Portal and its offerings. The media outlet highlights how Portal brings the much needed and crucial elements of P2P and censorship-resistant DeFi with minimal fees.

Read more about it here.

Cointelegraph: Crypto/blockchain Media Giant Cointelegraph covered the strategic alliance of Portal and HighCircleX, and the advantages the partnership brings for the Future of DeFi on the Bitcoin network. The article sheds light on this collaboration’s key objective: the innovation of tokenizing the stocks of pre-initial public offering (IPO) companies.

Read more about it here.

Wolf Of Dubai Stocks Investing Channel: Wolf of Dubai, prominent YouTuber in the stocks and investments space, interviewed Eric Martindale, CEO of Portal. Highlighted in the video interview were the Portal project’s offerings, missions, and contributions towards creating uncensorable DeFi on top of the Bitcoin network.

Watch the video to learn more.

The Gentleman of Crypto Channel: Eric Martindale, CEO of Portal, was invited as a guest on The Gentleman of Crypto YouTube channel to highlight the various key offerings and solutions of the Portal DEX. Get the AMA Recap now.

Important Releases

For enhanced communication with the community on how Portal is a Bitcoin Powerhouse with multiple use cases on top of the Bitcoin blockchain, Portal released a quick video that highlights active cross-chain trading on Bitcoin and more.

Watch the video to learn more.

Campaigns and Contests

The Portal project kicked off a Bitcoin & DeFi Pop Quiz Competition to celebrate consequent achievements and appreciate the unwavering community support.

Twitter Spaces and AMA Sessions

As Portal is expanding rapidly, enhanced communication with the community is crucial. Thus, this month Portal conducted two Twitter Spaces sessions, on 20th April and 27the April.

Get the 20th April Twitter Spaces Recap.

Get the 27th April Twitter Spaces Recap.

Another AMA session was concluded with the DeFi Raccoons community on 11th April, where George Burke, the Co-Founder of Portal, answered various questions and shed light on Portal’s unique offerings. Get the AMA Recap now.

That’s all for April, but more is about to come this May. Stay tuned to get all the latest updates.

About Portal

The Portal project is a peer-to-peer, trust-minimized application running on top of Bitcoin. It allows users to access a decentralized network right from their wallets. In addition, users can now manage multiple blockchain assets and financial services from within their wallets. With Portal, DeFi becomes a service that anyone can provide, maintaining anonymity for a competitive fee within open, transparent markets, with a security model as robust as Bitcoin mining enabled by Fabric Protocol.

A Financial Internet Built on Bitcoin ✈️



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