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Portal Weekly Pop Quiz

Gear up for the Portal Pop Quiz!

Portal’s rapid expansion in the industry couldn’t be done without the remarkable support of the Portal community, who continue to impress the team with their understanding of how Portal will be a game changer for DeFi on Bitcoin.

In celebration, Portal is launching a Weekly Wednesday Quiz to challenge the Portal Community to test their might with questions about Bitcoin, DeFi, FinTech, the Fabric Protocol & Portal.

Portal is excited to open an opportunity to exchange knowledge about Bitcoin & DeFi among the community members for the greater the learning for all. A huge reward pool will also be shared between the winners of two categories of participants: the global Portal community & the Portal Wizards. Keep scrolling to learn more about this!

How to Participate? 🤔

Starting May 11, 2022, the Portal community will be able to sign in to Portal’s global Telegram and Discord channels to participate in the Portal Pop Quiz every Wednesday at 12 PM EST / 4 PM UTC. 5 lucky members will receive $20 each in reward.

DISCORD EXCLUSIVE: Portal Wizards who place in these top 5 winners will each receive an additional prize of 0.000500 Bitcoin.

Sounds fun? Spread the word, and invite your friends for this fun-filled Pop Quiz. Participate and stand your chance to win big and play your role in educating the community on all things Portal. All the Best!

About Portal

The Portal project is a peer-to-peer, trust-minimized application running on top of Bitcoin. It allows users to access a decentralized network right from their wallets. In addition, users can now manage multiple blockchain assets and financial services from within their wallets. With Portal, DeFi becomes a service that anyone can provide, maintaining anonymity for a competitive fee within open, transparent markets, with a security model as robust as Bitcoin mining enabled by Fabric Protocol.

A Financial Internet Built on Bitcoin ✈️



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