[Tutorial] How to use MetaMask Extension?


What is MetaMask Extension?

MetaMask is a browser extension that allows your browser can communicate with Ethereum nodes directly. Using MetaMask, you can access and interact with Ethereum-based dApps from your browser. For example, you can transfer your cryptocurrencies between an exchange and your wallet on the browser. For now, it is available on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

A Step-by-Step Guide for the Beginner.

1. Install MetaMask Extension

In order to use it, you need to search MetaMask extension in the chrome web store and add it to your chrome browser.

2. Access MetaMask Extension and Accept the Terms of Use

Click the MetaMask extension icon upper right on your browser to access it. You will see the privacy notice when you access to MetaMask extension. The important notice that MetaMask mentioned is that you should not stay signed into MetaMask unless you need to use it. Because your MetaMask account will remain active on every website you visited until you sign out. Accept MateMask’s Terms of Use to continue.

MetaMask’s Terms of Use

3. Create Password

Create a password for your MetaMask account. In order to protect your account carefully, you can make this password different from other passwords you used. Besides, you can make your password in a mix of characters, numbers, and symbols.

4. Save the Backup Seed Phrase

Copy the backup seed phrase for your account. When you restore your MetaMask account, you must have the backup seed phrase to restore it. If you don’t enter the backup seed phrase accurately, you may lose all cryptocurrencies stored on your MetaMask accounts. Besides, you must save your backup seed phrase in a device without internet to prevent it from hacking.

User Interface Introduction:

Account Overview

The MetaMask account page displays your account name, buttons to manage your settings/accounts, buttons to buy and send Ethereum, and tabs for outgoing transactions and token balances.

Edit Account Name and Create New One

You can have several accounts in the MetaMask. You can have a new one by creating the name of an account. Select edit which is just above the account name.

Go to Account Options

There are 4 primary account options.

1. View Account on the Ethersacn: View your account address on Etherscan, which can see your accounts’ history of the transactions.

2. Show QR Code: Show the QR code of your account address, which is an easy way to send Ethereum and tokens from mobile wallets.

3. Copy Address to Clipboard: Copy your account address to clipboard, which is an easy way to send Ethereum and tokens from cryptocurrency exchanges.

4. Export Private Key: You can export your private key.

Go to Setting

The icon upper right of the account includes 4 primary options. There are settings, log out, info/help and try Beta.

Set Account Details

In the account setting, you can reveal backup seed phrase if you lose previous one.

Three Ways to Buy Ethereum

1. Buy Ethereum with Fiat Money

You can purchase Ethereum with fiat money and have it deposited to your MetaMask account through a Coinbase account.

2. Buy Ethereum with Shapeshift

To buy with Shapeshift, choose which cryptocurrency you want to Shapeshift to convert into Ethereum and deposit into your MetaMask account. You can choose any cryptocurrency you have. In this case, we choose BTC for this guide.

Buy with Shapeshift and Deposit

Deposit your BTC (or any cryptocurrency you chose) to the deposit address provided by MetaMask and Shapeshift. After your deposit is completed, Shapeshift will convert it to Ethereum and deposit that Ethereum to your account.

3. Buy Ethereum with Coinbase

You can also buy Ethereum and have it deposited into your MetaMask account with your Coinbase account. Your browser will open a web page with the below widget.

(1) Enter your email

Enter the amount of Ethereum you want in your account, enter your email, and select continue.

(2) Coinbase Password

Enter your Coinbase password to continue.

(3) Coinbase Verification

Enter your Coinbase two-factor verification code send to your cell phone to continue.

(4) Enter Coinbase Payment

Enter the payment method for buying your Ethereum.

(5) Coinbase Confirm Purchase

Review the Coinbase transaction to buy Ethereum and deposited it to your account. Enter the green button to complete the transaction.

Two Ways to Despoit Ethereum

1. Despoit Ethereum with QRcode

In addition to buying Ethereum, you can deposit Ethereum you already own into your account. There are two ways to deposit. First, you can scan the QR code for your account to send Ethereum from a mobile wallet.

2. Despoit Ethereum From Exchange

There is another way to deposit Ethereum in your account. First, you need to select “Copy Address to clipboard”. Then, you need to go to the withdrawal section of sending exchange or wallet. And you should paste your Ethereum address into the recipient address.

Send Ethereum

You can send and withdraw Ethereum from your account by selecting the Send button.

1. Enter Address to Send Ethereum

Enter the recipient address and amount of Ethereum. Remeber, you should keep some Ethereum to pay the transaction cost. Select Next button to continue.

2. Confirm Sending Ethereum

“Gas” is the transaction cost of Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. You must set both gas limit and gas price that you willing to pay for withdrawing your Ethereum. You can go to ETH Gas Station and see the standard gas price before you set.

We at Portal Network hope that after reading, you can fully understand how to use MetaMask extension basically. If you have any questions, you can go to MetaMask website and contact their customer service.

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