Spots For The Night Foodies

Singapore prides itself as being a food heaven — so when hunger befalls at 2am… Well, we say that calories are temporary, but late night supper adventures with your food khakis last forever.

With the abundance of food choices available, choosing a late-night sinful indulgence can be a hard life decision. We narrow down five important areas in Singapore that hold a strong concentration of supper options.


So a late night movie has brought you to Orchard, and you are still hungry? Head over to PoMo, Orchard Towers, Cineleisure or Cuppage!

Open late into the night, satisfy your Thai street food cravings at the bustling Korat Thai Café in Orchard Towers.

Bet you didn’t know that Cineleisure is a gold mine for supper food! Burger King and MOS Burger opens until 2am every Friday and Saturday. Want something savoury? Slurp down some crab broth ramen at Ramen Keisuke Kani King or if you are up for some Chinese food, there’s Xin Wang on level 2.

Not ready to end the night yet? Take a short walk to Cuppage for some after-party drinks with your friends!


The Bugis area offers local comfort food like Seng Huat Ba Chor Mee, Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice. Kampong Glam is lined with 24-hour coffee shops selling staples like prata and teh tarik — perfect for the hunger pangs that hit after a night of drinks at Haji Lane.

Or if you’re up for some authentic Thai food, head to Golden Mile Complex and be spoiled for choice!

Those with a sweet tooth can choose from an array of dessert options — Korean bingsu at Nunsongyee, Rochor Original Beancurd, or some local favourites at Ah Chew.


Easily accessible from town, the Jalan Besar alleys offer a wide selection of classic local street food. Choose from a smorgasbord of hawker favourites, like Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry, Da Lian Traditional Noodles, and Authentic Mun Chee Kee King of Pig’s Organ Soup.

If you are game for a Chinese style meat feast, have a bowl of peppery Teochew style goodness at Founder Ba Kut Teh, complete with side dishes.

Seeking a Liu Sha Bao fix? The Dim Sum competition rages between Swee Choon at Jalan Besar, and Tim Ho Wan at Aperia Mall.


With numerous (not-so-secret) gems tucked in its back alleys, supper-lovers should know this red-light district of Singapore well.

Chinese food takes the focus here — with Sin Heng Bak Kut Teh, G7 Sinma Claypot, and JB Ah Meng. Not forgetting the famed frog porridge and beef Kway Teow in Lorong 9. BBQ Box offers Chinese grill that goes down well with a mug of refreshing Tsingtao beer.

Alternatively, arrange an Instagram-worthy Dim Sum spread at Yong He Eating House, 126 Dim Sum, or Mongkok Dim Sum.

Cheong Chin Nam

The only west location on our list, Cheong Chin Nam is located near a number of local tertiary institutions. The eateries here are popular among students living on campus, so be sure to find groups of them rewarding themselves with a table feast after a long day at school.

The food selection here boasts of local favourites, from Dim Sum, Zi Char, to Al-Ameen, which is the top go-to place for prata in this area. Westies can also get their frog leg porridge fix at G7 Sinma Claypot without having to go all the way to Geylang.