How to Love Your Career

Somehow it’s mid August and the new school year is just around the corner. For April 2016 graduates, this is the first year they will not be returning to school. No more late night study sessions or missing a class or two because there was a pub crawl the night before. It’s odd to think that as stressful as post secondary education was, it was really the last time where responsibilities could be withheld for the sake of adventure. Well… that’s what everyone always said, but they were wrong. The real adventure is just beginning.

Not being a student opens a lot more doors than it shuts. With the many vacations that were missed due to cramming for exams, working part-time and going to school full-time, I’m unsure how anyone had time to socialize.

Now, there are obvious responsibilities and restrictions that come with having a career, but they aren’t what a recent postgrad might think. The world moves quite differently not being a student. Time isn’t segmented by looming exams and the upcoming reading break. It’s segmented by personal timelines and weekend plans — because yes, you will have time on weekends.

The late Steve Jobs once gave a speech for Stanford’s 2005 commencement where he coined the famous phrase, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.” Taken out of context, these words don’t mean much, but if you watch the speech, you will understand. I am unsure if more relevant words towards the millennial generation have been spoken.

In his speech, Jobs shares anecdotes of the defining moments in his life and how they helped make him into the person he became. He advises the graduating class that passion for your work will keep you going. Even when you “Get hit with a brick,” don’t settle until you find what you love. Like anything else, you’ll know when you find it.

The most important thing besides discovering your true passion, is to find a starting point. It would be unfortunate to find yourself on a hamster wheel of doom — stuck in a career you’re not truly passionate about.

So, where do you start? Like any idea, you start by being inspired. What quote, speech, video, etc. has seemed especially meaningful to you lately? Share your words of wisdom and links below to spread the wealth.

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