Delivering actionable insights via research reports

These reports inform stakeholders about findings and recommendations and offer a great opportunity to showcase the effectiveness of user research.


Involving non-design team members in user research can sometimes be a struggle because they don’t see the benefit of attending research sessions as observers or note-takers. I needed an easy way to inform the team and wider REA about the research that has happened, and what the findings and recommendations were. In addition to that, I also wanted to make the design team’s work (besides UI design) more visible.


The research reports I created are one-pagers and start with a concise management summary. After that, the information gets more and more granular. The document lists all essential findings and makes actionable recommendations in prioritised order. The reports were presented at team meetings and distributed via email. In addition to that, I posted all findings on the REA intranet.

My role

  • Analysis of user research activities
  • Definition of recommendations
  • Creation of the reports and presentation to the team
  • Distribution via email and posts on the company intranet
4 examples for reports



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Bjorn Amherd

Bjorn Amherd

Product design lead. In the last 20+ years, I successfully delivered concepts for carsales, REA, Myer, HESTA, Bunnings, Optus, Fisher & Paykel and many more.