About me

I am Leo, a Lead UX Designer at the BBC, who strongly believe in cross-disciplinary collaboration and Human-Centered Design. I have over 6 years’ experience working across platforms, owning all stages of the process — from strategic research to pixel-perfect Design. I have strong communication skills that I use to influence, run workshops and help other grow.

Broad experience

Throughout my career, I had the chance to work in a broad variety of places across Europe and Asia, from small start-ups as a solo Designer to large organisations with some of the largest European UX teams. This allowed me to gain a lot of experience working across platforms from mobile to TV, and even WAP!

T-shaped Designer

Working in teams and as a solo designer, I developed skills throughout the design process. I am as comfortable running user research sessions as polishing up motion designs or creating interactive prototypes. I have a very collaborative approach and love to involve multidisciplinary groups during workshops to analyse research findings or solve design challenges. The part that passionates me the most is to turn complex problems into simple and delightful human-centered designs, services or strategies, using insights and data.

Strong communication and collaboration skills

Working in large organisations like the BBC — with over 200 Designers — allowed me to get a lot of experience working with multidisciplinary teams, running workshops and practicing my influencing skills. As a line manager, I enjoy a lot mentoring other Designers and helping them to set up personal objectives. Lastly, I teach, often give talks, and workshops externally, and lead the BBC Studio Day, a monthly event for the BBC UX&D community as well as the BBC UX&D Film Club.

Steve Buzz @BBC Studio Day — BBC UX&D Film Club — Talk at IxDA Lausanne

The place I call home
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