When it just works

I recently joined WeTransfer’s editorial team, helping with copy requests and writing pieces for This Works, a blog that tells the stories behind the wallpapers you see on WeTransfer.com. Many people don’t know that 30% of the platform’s wallpapers are given away to artists, photographers, illustrators and other creatives for free — they get about 10 to 12 million page impressions for each artist. Editor-in-Chief Rob Alderson recently wrote this great Medium article about the curation process and how this all works.

In the past few weeks, I’ve written about a London-based print artist who explores the ‘intimate affair’ that is woodcut printing; a Dutch collective that makes carpets using everyday objects like forks, buttons, and matches; a Slovakian-born self-taught photographer who reflects on the modern contradictions of loneliness in the face of an increasingly connected world; an artist/singer/songwriter who has a fascination for Britain’s urban and rural landscapes; and a well-known London-based master illusionist who creates theatrical worlds that bring a smile to your face.

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