Welcome to my Portfolio!

My name is Mayur Bhalavi. I am a Mechanical Engineer set out to become a Product Designer, currently pursuing Masters in Design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad (India). Having completed my academic semesters at NID, I am currently looking for a 6 months Graduation Project. Right before I joined NID, I had completed my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai in 2014.

Newspaper and Magazine Furniture

Its a self initiated project and i call it “Experimentation with Paper”. Repurposing being the primary intent behind this concept, it is associated with the ideals of circular economy which focuses on the fate of a product after it has met its primary purpose. Newspapers and magazines have a potential to re-enter the production cycle and be transformed into products like furnitures which will stay for a further more period of time.

Origami Paper Stand

My Academic Projects

Its because of these projects and the learnings at the end of each one of them, i am able to comprehend design more clearly, the role of design, my responsibility as a designer and hence able to find out an design approach best suited for me.

I thank you for visiting here.

Mayur Bhalavi (mayur_b@nid.edu)