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Stefan Theofilos
May 31, 2017 · 3 min read

I’m a Full-Stack Designer with experience in website and mobile app design. I love the challenge of seeing a project through from the sketchpad to final deployment.

I graduated from Belmont University with a double major in Music Business & Entrepreneurship. I then enrolled in The Iron Yard, an immersive code education program, with a concentration in Front-End Engineering.

I have a passion for design & technology and am always up-to-date with the newest products in tech. I aim to bring thoughtful, creative strategies to all my work as a Designer.

Design is not just a job for me, it’s a passion.

About Me


“During his time as our UI Designer, Stefan did an excellent job translating our vision of a more intuitive experience into a user interface that was crisp and easy to use. He handled several major redesigns, including a user’s first experience in the app, the primary project management functions, and the ability to compare products side-by-side. Where design was initially an obstacle for users, it evolved under his guidance into a competence of the application.”

Stefan was great at taking input from customers, business needs, and current design best practices and creating things that satisfied everyone involved. He regularly contributed new ideas about how to solve particular issues and was incredibly thorough in documenting design meetings and conversations.

“I had the privilege of getting to know Stefan Theofilos while he was an intern for Aloompa. Stefan was an outstanding intern who not only quickly understood how to do a job, but was able to grasp why certain tasks needed to be done in a particular way, as well as see the bigger picture that he was a part of. He was here during a particularly busy season for us, and Stefan’s work helped us get through the season without dropping the ball. Stefan is sharp, seeks to understand, forward thinking, and a positive worker who would be an asset to any organization.”

“Stefan took great pride, exceeding the expectations that I have established for this rigorous course. The project he chose to work on was a challenging one — he did a truly outstanding job. Stefan was always a very engaged student in our class. He was always one of the first to arrive in class and was ready to learn. Stefan often sought me out before, after and outside of class time. His questions were always well thought out, and he was quick to integrate what we discussed into his project in our class. Stefan’s work ethic and ability to balance a very busy schedule was particularly admirable.”

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Stefan Theofilos’ Portfolio

Design Portfolio of Stefan Theofilos. UI/UX Designer • Product Designer • Entrepreneur

Stefan Theofilos

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Product Designer, Previously @Lucro Solutions | Entrepreneur

Stefan Theofilos’ Portfolio

Design Portfolio of Stefan Theofilos. UI/UX Designer • Product Designer • Entrepreneur