NotBillClinton: The Bill Clinton Tinder Game

Because why not?

The Idea

Do you have a difficult time distinguishing between Bill Clinton and others? Ever get confused by all of the political mumbo-jumbo in the media today? Well now is your chance to become a pro from the comfort of your own mobile device!
Introducing: NotBillClinton, the most innovative and educational application on the market today. Try it for free!
It’s easy to play! If you see Bill Clinton on your screen, swipe right. If it’s not Bill Clinton, swipe left.
You gain 1 point for a correct swipe and lose 1 point for a wrong swipe. You have 30 seconds.
Good Luck!

Tools used in this project:
Sketch, Xcode

My Role:
Creator, Designer, Marketer

November 2015



Promo Video