Qualified Interns in 72 Seconds

Portfolium asks college students to step up and prove their skills to employers by creating digital portfolios:

Those students are then rewarded by TalentMatch, a product that puts samples of their proven skills onto the radar of employers:

As shown in the video above, Qualified Interns in 72 Seconds,” recruiters can log in to TalentMatch to quickly cut through heaps of student resumes (which all look the same and say very little about a student’s actual abilities)to instantly identify students with the most creativity, confidence and career-ready skills on display.

Employers can currently use TalentMatch to access 1.7M students and new grads across all majors and fields of study. This number continues to grow rapidly along with Portfolium’s ever expanding list of official partner colleges and universities.

The depth of Portfolium’s user database along with its smart and elegant approach to uncovering hidden talent make it a one-of-a-kind solution for removing much of the risk and time spent sourcing entry-level talent.