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Marvel Artists Add 25 NFTs to Portion.io Platform Fueling Mainstream NFT Adoption

NON-STOP SPIDER-MAN #1–1:50 VARIANT COVER BY Adam Kubert. Digital colors by Richard Isanove. ™ and © 2021 Marvel Characters, Inc.

Interconnectivity within the artistic community is one of the most powerful creative forces of inspiration and reinforcement. It has been Portion’s goal since day one to inspire creatives with both vision and perseverance to benefit from using our platform.

With that said, we would like to announce that professional Marvel artists have decided to make Portion.io their home, and will be releasing approximately 25 unique Marvel pieces on the Portion.io platform. Some of the NFTs will also be used to redeem the physical and original hand drawn work. We see value in working with individuals that have been able to channel some of the most creative and iconic Art in history. To celebrate this merging, The first NFTs come with original hand drawn art by the marvel artists. The first wave of artists are Dan Panosian, Matteo Scalera, Dave Johnson, Andy Kubert, Adam Kubert, and Eric Canete.

We have successfully partnered with Essential Sequential. The original artwork, books, prints and more from some of the most recognizable names within the industry can all be found here. Over time, we believe that our platform will become the place for the merging of iconic Art and digital permanence. For over a decade, Essential Sequential has been the preeminent agency of authentic comic book art from some of the worlds most beloved and talented artists. Owner, founder and curator, Jason Schachter, has turned his love of the comic book industry into a thriving agency. Essential Sequential has brought their clients closer to hundreds of thousands of fans and has made their original artwork available to enthusiasts like himself.

While we are by no means limiting ourselves purely to the comic niche, consistent growth and onboarding of reputable artists is expected to begin to tether our robust platform with a higher degree of visibility and identity in the blossoming world of NFT’s and digital collectibles.

If any of our community members have suggestions for brands/talented artists that we should reach out to, please do not refrain from sending an email to admin@portion.io and we will see if they are a good potential fit.

As always, more updates to come soon, and rest assured that we are constantly working to improve the experience for everyone involved. The launch of V3 will be coming sooner than you think, and the next few months should be an exciting time for both Portion.io, NFT’s, and the crypto community at large.

Lastly, we would like to thank you all for being with us during these historic times. Blockchain use cases are being mentioned by names we never expected to see in the news. The energy resonating throughout the industry is palpable, and we can only hope that our concerted efforts will contribute to the magic that’s being unfolded before our very eyes.

More updates to come soon.




Bridging art and crypto.

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