PIE Demo Day: Participating startups

With 27 startups on the 2022 virtual tradeshow floor, there’s bound to be something for everyone

Rick Turoczy
Portland Incubator Experiment
3 min readOct 5, 2022


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Our primary objective with PIE Demo Day is to highlight the achievements of the participants in our program by engaging the broader startup community to celebrate these founders and the companies they are building.

And over a decade of hosting demo days, if we’ve learned one thing, it’s this: you attend in hopes of finding ways to support startup founders. So with that in mind, we have decided to change the format for demo day, this year. (PIE is an ongoing experiment, after all 😅)

PIE Demo Day 2022 will be held as a free virtual tradeshow, enabling community members to meet and visit with a variety of startups from PIE — while having the opportunity to meet other mentors, alums, investors, and supporters of the PIE community.

This year, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with the founders at the event — and to connect with others in the community. No sitting through pitches or anxiously awaiting the opportunity to talk to a company that has piqued your interest. The whole event is now designed to enable you to get connected to the startups that interest you, immediately. Or, you’re welcome to wander the virtual tradeshow floor to meet a variety of founders and startups.

On October 12 at 3:14PM PDT, we highly encourage you to join these 27 startups from PIE, PIE for Our Neighbors, PIE Shop, and Slice of PIE at the PIE Demo Day virtual tradeshow:

  • BabbleBuy, your small biz activities hub
  • BuildingLens, building management that prioritizes occupant’s health and comfort
  • Buildly, product management for distributed teams
  • Ditto Pigeon, automated, programmable Instagram posts
  • DTocs, a sustainable, earth-friendly choice for disposable tableware
  • GetWith, a community platform built to help you find and foster meaningful connection
  • Hemingway Designs, (pre-launch) bringing recyclability to disposable insulin pens
  • HotZot, your grandparents didn’t need herbicides to control weeds and neither do you
  • How I Chow, eat the food you love and build the community you crave
  • HUUB, a central hub for economic development and small business
  • Kit Switch, modular interiors to create the homes we need with the buildings we have
  • Kocchi, resilient off-grid communications
  • Missing Middle Housing Fund, doubling Oregon’s housing production
  • Momentum, your productivity coach app that goes everywhere you go
  • NearHear, music discovery for local shows
  • Prestavi, simple process automation for your entire team
  • Radious, find a meeting space or private office right in your neighborhood
  • ReDram Program, convenient kiosks to solve plastic pollution
  • Re-Public, a dashboard for your personal dataverse
  • Shilling, screen time platform that helps improve financial habits
  • Stumpworx, breathable, adjustable, lightweight, and comfortable prosthetic sockets
  • Teaminal, an agile meeting tool for remote teams
  • Thriving Design, versatile, sturdy DIY plant support systems in a snap
  • Toast Wear, (pre-launch) rethinking the way we stay warm outdoors
  • Tonsil Tech, kiss tonsil stones goodbye
  • UrbanForm, automated zoning technology for better buildings, cities, and environments
  • Width by Height (WxH), simplifying how you decorate your walls
  • NOTE: Additional companies from the various PIE programs may opt to participate in the tradeshow up until the day of the event.

We look forward to seeing you on October 12! To RSVP, visit PIE Demo Day 2022.



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