Shocking! Portland officials criticize… the police?? #TrendingStory

Sources believe this official may be harboring anti-police sentiment. Time to resign?

Portland renters have long been haters of police. Some have even said “F*** the police” as an incitement to more harsh words that can only lead to the incitement of naked, black-clad aggression.

Well, it turns out that local nudist Samuel T. Black has supported Commussioner Chloe Eukelele’s office by swirling such vicious, anti-police champaign.

In a “thread” around new Portland police chief, T. Black stated that when it comes to chief G.R. Outlaw, “the problem is her job and what it entails that she do.”

In other words, according to Sammy T., all cops are bad just because they kill people without trial and have been repeatedly sanctioned by the Department of Justice for violating the U.S. Constitution.

Among the people who liked that comment were were Jamie Dukamel, Chloe Eukelele’s senior policy advisor.

EXCUSE ME?? (sound of record stopping)

Yes, someone who works for taxpayers and uses My Taxes in city hall thinks that the job that police do happens to be some sort of a problem. Pretty convenient, wouldn’t you say?

Now Dukamel is not suggesting that some police offers eat bad apples. Instead she is brazenly using a public position through an elected office to suggest that the heros we trust to take out bad guys might be doing too good of a job. And it gets worse, because the only defense “tweeted” for Chief Outlaw is because she is a female. It’s a “clear case” of reverse racism, and an obvious nod to man-haters like my ex-wife Sharon.

Where in the constitution does it say we are allowed to criticize the police? Where’s the accountability? Why are we allowing out-laws to be our top law-man? And why did Sharon leave without even packing up all of her things?

We The People will no longer meekly accept public officials who elect to criticize our fellow officers of the law through the unauthorized use of thought.

We will no longer go quietly into the night. With God as our witness we must Reclaim our Greatness and declare Today our Independence Day.

All city commissioners must resign.
(Please come back, Sharon.)