A Very Cool Mule

Tanner Campbell
Sep 3 · 3 min read

When Sticker Mule reached out and asked me to write about my experience with them, I was grateful for the opportunity to give a little something back for years of excellent service.

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I’ve been using Sticker Mule to create bumper stickers, window clings, coasters, magnets, key chains, and wall decals for various project since 2016 and every single thing I’ve ordered from them has exceeded my expectations. Sticker Mule stickers are a high quality vinyl that, and this is what I like the most about them, regardless of whether you need them to be, are resilient enough to be used outside. So if I buy stickers to hand out to clients (and I do), those clients can put them literally anywhere and they won’t fade, peel, or fall apart. And I live in Maine, you know what Maine winters are like? These stickers LAST.

Some other reasons I’d urge you to give them a chance

Pricing & Deals

I would pay more than they charge, let’s put it that way. For example, 100 3"x3" die-cut stickers would cost me $91. That’s $0.91 per sticker. At 1000, that per sticker cost drops to $0.36.

On top of this, they run weekly deals for print runs of 10-50qty at like 90% off. An excellent opportunity to try before you spend more money. For example, 50 7x4 bumper stickers for $10. The deals are random, so they won’t always line up with what you want at that moment, but they’re always a good excuse to add another piece of business swag to your goodie bag.

The Team & Culture

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Given the anonymity of Glassdoor, and the propensity of people to air grievances freely when able to remain anonymous, the platform has always been a high water mark for healthy operations. And when I say healthy, I mean businesses that take care of their employees. Sticker Mule employs around 50 people, and those people seem to be pretty happy with their jobs at Sticker Mule. That makes me feel good about supporting the company — not because I want to support Sticker Mule the entity, but because I want to support Steve and Janice, the employees with families to feed who work at the company. I’m less likely to want to do that when a workforce is unhappy or poorly treated.

And it’s not hard why employees working there .

The Quality

Hands down the best quality of the options out there. I won’t name names but I tried a number of providers before formally joining #MuleTeamOne (I’m not funny) and in all of those experiences the results were the same: faded, not-true-to-color results on too-thin material with poor image resolution.

Sticker Mule, even when provided with less than ideal source files (for example, a flattened .jpg over an .ai file) produces solid results. Every single time. I have probably spent $10K with them over the years and I have never, not once (!) had to return an item or ask for a refund or a reprint.

The Takeaway

You can find stickers for cheaper, of course, but you’re not going to find better ones at this price point (or even higher price points). Sticker Mule does their job well, and they take care of the workforce and team that makes them successful. That’s what counts in my book. If it’s what counts in your too, I would give Sticker Mule a try.

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