Conscientious Investing: The Portola Creek Way

Portola Creek Capital recently created a short video “Investing With Your Conscience” to educate investors on the importance of Values-Based Investing with ESG, namely, companies that uphold good practices in regard to the environment, social issues, and corporate governance.

Each of us were drawn to this firm on a personal level to impact the investment industry and the future of our world. When we sat down and talked about how to articulate our mission statement, we decided that video imagery would be a great way to communicate what we do and how you (the investor) can force change at the corporate level. We also recognize that we have a huge opportunity, and an obligation, to educate our community on the impact we have when we invest in mission-based companies that care about environmental, social, and governance issues.

We hope you enjoy our first stab at video production and we welcome any feedback you have. We also encourage you to watch a more in-depth (and high-budget) documentary, “Before the Flood” produced by National Geographic and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Portola Creek’s short video Conscientious Investing: The Portola Creek Way addresses Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors.

The video starts by addressing Environmental issues such as global warming deniers, fossil fuel company protests on restrictions, government subsidies to major fossil fuel companies and environmental damage.

The video continues with Environmental facts and corporate corruption:

“The major fossil fuel companies and trade groups spent $119 million dollars in 2016 to fight restrictions on carbon emissions. Worse yet, in return, these same companies received over $20 billion in subsidies from our government. Fact: Global and ocean temperatures are rising. Fact: Glaciers are melting and water levels are rising. The speed at which we are adding carbon dioxide and the rate of acceleration of the earth’s temperature have us concerned. The debate should not be about the existence of global warming but on what we’re going to do about it.”

The video then addresses Social and Governance Issues with shocking but real imagery.

“Child labor is still prevalent in many countries today. Women are often not paid as much as their male colleagues. A country built by immigrants now turns them away. Some corporations still do not recognize us all as equals.”

Portola Creek then explains that in your investment portfolio, you have a chance to vote with your dollars.

“We help our clients identify companies that treat their employees, the environment and their community well. There are companies that practice good governance and engage in social issues — not solely focused on corporate profits. We build custom investment portfolios aligned with your personal values. That’s ESG. Environmentally-friendly, Socially-responsible, and Governance of the highest standards.”

We want people to know that their investments have Impact. This is where the term Impact -Investing comes from. We continue with:

“We vote your proxies to effect change at the corporate level. Together, as one community, we have a larger voice.”

Now for the evidence that Sustainable Investing does not compromise portfolio returns.

“An increasing number of studies show a positive correlation between a company’s ESG factors and stock performance.”

The video concludes with our mission:

“At Portola Creek, we invest in companies that are leaders in their industries AND are committed to sustainable and socially-responsible programs. We can bring change together”.

Visit the Portola Creek website at to learn more about the firm’s sustainable investment management practices and see if your investment portfolio is aligned with issues that matter the most to you.

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