Portyr is joining forces with Wave and Lifeline

The Portyr Team is looking forward to join their forces with Wave Ventures and Lifeline Ventures

Early this year, we dove into the deep waters of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and began to examine what it would take to bring about its vision for universal individual data rights.

We made it our mission to build effective software for businesses who bear the burden of delivering the future under GDPR. We placed Design at the lead of our technical and legal expertise, and began to champion it as an essential (but often forgotten) aspect of GDPR.

Since then, our mission and our methods seem to have caught some resonance. We’ve been incredibly lucky to enjoy support from numerous partners since our humble beginnings at Aalto University, and we’re pleased to announce our partnership with two of these who have particularly shared our vision from the start: Wave Ventures and Lifeline Ventures.

Wave Ventures are a unique, student-led pre-seed investment fund grown from the legacy of Aaltoes and Slush. They found us at Aalto Ventures Program and again at Kiuas TeamUp, offering their support, insights and networks to aid in our journey. We’re very happy to finally ‘make it official’.

Lifeline Ventures are a leading fund in the Nordics well known for their early stage investments in companies such as in Supercell, Smartly.io and Wolt. Having been introduced through Wave, we immediately hit it off and began to siphon their considerable experience, wisdom and mentorship. We feel extremely lucky to have them on board.

The partnership we’re announcing today makes a powerful statement that GDPR represents an incredible opportunity for businesses and individuals alike. This backing secures our ongoing development of fast, effective tools that solve transparency, consent management and portability under GDPR.

Together, through collaboration and intelligent design, we‘re crafting a future under GDPR that is easy, interconnected and beneficial to everyone. For any further questions, visit us at http://portyr.com or drop us a line at team@portyr.com.

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