How to Improve Your Restaurant’s Service

Aside from food quality, nothing can make or break your reputation like the caliber of your restaurant’s service. Consistency will keep patrons coming back, while a poor experience may put your restaurant on their black lists.

To improve customers’ experience at your restaurant, consider how you can optimize these aspects of your service:

Rudeness is a commonly cited complaint about restaurant wait staff. Make sure yours know how to treat even a difficult customer with respect and friendliness. This means each has received training to know whether a discount or a gift card or some other kind gesture for a customer’s inconvenience may be given, or when to bring in a manager.

To help further equip your wait staff to be friendly at all times, managers and co-workers must strive to maintain a work culture of encouragement and support in order to help compensate for any negativity received from guests. It can be hard to stay motivated in a restaurant’s overwhelming environment, so make sure employees receive constant appreciation for their work. Thank them for their hard work, thank them for going above and beyond when meeting a guest’s need, and reward in little ways.

As hard as it may be for you day in and day out, set the example in doing your absolute best to maintain a positive attitude. But keep your attitude authentic. If you try too hard or are overly friendly, people might sense a fake attitude. Relax and be genuine while maintaining professional positivity.

We have all had poor dining experiences due to slow service. Drinks were slow to get to your table, or an entrée arrives at your table, and not only did you have to wait unusually long, but the food is cold. Set a Make sure your employees understand the importance of punctuality in the restaurant business.

Perhaps most important to making regular customers is making sure your employees have full knowledge of your menu, specials, hours, prices, and the like. Guests should receive a quick and intelligent response to every restaurant-related question. To encourage employee knowledgeability, develop good communication and expectations of what they should know.

You can set your service apart simply by being available. Make sure your managers, hosts, and wait staff are easily approachable. Customers often hesitate to seek help, so let them know your employees are always available and ready to assist.

Bad customer service can ruin your view of an otherwise respectable company. In contrast, good customer service will make a company stand out and draw you back. Loyalty comes with love. If a customer loves a product or company, or if they feel loved by the company, they will be loyal to it. Consequently, if they feel disliked, or if they dislike the product, they will not come back. With good food and exceptional service, your restaurant will gain repeat customers and experience success.