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2020 Recap | Updates for Software Infrastructures and Development of Decentralized Applications

The focus is on QLauncher v2.0 internal testing and development. This month, we will review the events of 2020 and organize the progress of the past year.

Hello, all the miners who participate on the Poseidon network, and all friends who are concerned about the progress of the Poseidon project. Last New Year (2020) was the end of the first version of the test-net.

At the same time, we witnessed the outbreak of the epidemic and its impact on the world. Various unexpected events occurred one after another, forcing us to change the lifestyles.

In terms of team operations, some members were trapped abroad due to the epidemic. Despite the fact that some of the members were affected by the epidemic, we quickly adjusted the model and the formulation of countermeasures, and we passed 2020 smoothly.

At the beginning of the year, team first ran a test network in Taiwan, realized the current software weaknesses, started to develop a new version, and shifted the focus to overseas.

At first, We focused on verifying the possibility of VPN operation based on decentralized nodes, and focused on recruiting Hong Kong and Macau regional users; as time progresses, online streaming media has risen to convey possible application scenarios through Disney+ Participated in the distributed computing project Folding@home, developed various application scenarios based on distributed nodes, and quickly verified that the “possibility of developing applications on the P2P Network platform” can be used under ideal conditions; it is far from being widely used in reality.

Whether it is team technology, business, or market development, all need to be more diligent.

QLauncher v2.0 is currently under development and small-scale testing. If you are willing to provide a device for team use, prepare some rewards for users who are willing to cooperate.

Please refer to the questionnaire for details.

Therefore, in 2020, the focus was on finding realizable business models and technical cooperationIn

The second half of 2020, some significant progress has been made. Although everyone is curious, due to the contractual relationship and the accumulation of technology, a very comprehensive introduction cannot be made.

The only thing I can tell you is that the application scenarios based on decentralized nodes do exist. We have also found the demand side and are gradually moving towards the direction of profitable direction.

It must be reminded that these cooperation are still not enough to make a lot of money, it’s only the winding trails in front of the avenue, there are still many directions that are still being explored.

At the same time, I will report to you the four main things Poseidon team has been focused on in the 2020 :

1. Software update

The QLauncher test network has been running for 4 months, covering more than 2,000 nodes in more than 30 countries, with an aggregate bandwidth of more than 1,000 Gbps and a storage space of more than 5 PB.

The QQQ APP is updated every 2 weeks on average.

QLauncher v2.0 is in small-scale testingSuspend the operation of the old version of the software, and shift the focus to the development of the new architecture. The main reason is that after the influx of a large number of nodes in early 2020, we found that the overall situation is not perfect.

Therefore, we re-adjusted the underlying logic and introduced new development methods, with the goal of managing large-scale node networks more efficiently.

2020.05 Tested QLauncher v1.0 running on Linux, and recruited overseas miners to join the test-net; in the second half of the year, after testing the new architecture for a period of time, we decided to start adjusting the architecture according to the operation situation.

In 2021, we will start the development and testing of QL v2.0

QLauncher v1.0 / QLauncher v2.0

2. Token Economy

There will be two private placements in 2020. Whether it is QAS or QQQ, within the scope of our capabilities, we have launched a profit sharing plan for long-term holders.

The first is the QQQ currency holding dividend plan, which provides USDT / ETH / value preservation for users to choose freely.

QAS provides 300,000 QQQ dividends to holders every month. Due to the large number of participants, the number of shares per person is notas expected. The annualized remuneration conversion is about 8%. This is a decision made by the team to evaluate existing resources.

QAS list on Proex / QQQ Staking

3. Commercial applications

Before starting the introduction, I will briefly review the vision that Poseidon Network wants to create.

Poseidon Network aims to establish a trading platform for various network resources. Currently, users can provide “storage space”, “computing power”, and “bandwidth” to obtain benefits, while the demand side pays fees based on usage.

A platform that integrates user network resources and related software and hardware equipment requirements is called P2P Network Platform (Distributed Network Resource Platform)

Different from the high-cost centralized management of the traditional central computer room and cloud; the current advantage of the P2P Network platform lies in “providing the most suitable solution under the appropriate cost structure “The direction of technology development in 2019 is mainly CDN.

After market verification, after rethinking and evaluating, it is found that “storage space” is a resource that is easier to realize at this stage.

In the second half of 2020, “low-cost storage space” will be the main axis. For business development, relevant cooperation resources and technologies will continue in 2021.

Poseidon Network Distributed Application Case — Gridsmart

Poseidon introduced the intelligent transportation solution GridSmart and combined its own storage resource advantages to jointly create landing applications.

Difficulties in technology promotion — long platform construction period and high cost

The difficulty of the platform is that the previous construction period will be very long. It is necessary to find a way to accumulate. And it will not start to create commercial value until the usage of the entire platform reaches a certain critical mass point.

However, this accumulation process will be Competition threshold.Although decentralized applications have the main advantage of lower cost, most of the reality is that applications that were originally structured on GCP /AWS, such a centralized cloud, will not risk adopting low-cost, stable, but no obvious advantages.

Despite the advantage of “low cost”, the reality is that it is more expensive to abandon the original architecture and move to the new decentralized technology, and most companies and teams will also be hesitant.However, the cost of centralized cloud (public cloud) has gradually increased, forcing many companies to face the issue of “cost”.

Therefore, the concept of “hybrid cloud” has become very popular in recent years. (Of course, in addition to cost, this technology focuses on emphasizing Keep part of the data in the internal system)The purpose of this change is to show that the network is gradually shifting from server based to P2P-network at a very slow speed that most people cannot detect. We will continue to work on this track.

“Low-cost decentralized storage” can gradually bring more stable cash flow to the company, and it is relatively easy to find clear commercial application sat this stage, but there are still not enough usage scenarios, and larger-scale technical cooperation is mostly caused by SI is responsible for the talks, while Poseidon is the technology provider.

To be honest, this is not the model we most want to do, but a compromise in the real world at this stage.

4. Team formation, project roadshow

The focus is on technical research, product planning and small-scale verification in the market.

To this end, the engineering team added four new partners, and invited a senior designer and manager in product planning.In terms of business development, add a chief strategy officer to conduct market research and business analysis, and continue until the venture capitalists conduct roadshows to establish future cooperation opportunities.

Poseidon Network Team

Appworks Demo Day #20 | Oct. 2020

It lasted for six months, matching investment, business cooperation, and recruitment of talents. On the 10th anniversary of Appworks, Poseidon is honored to be one of the high-profile projects, communicating with many outstanding international teams, and jointly showing the results of the six months on 10.15.

Appworks Demo Day 2020 #AW20

Taipei Financial International Exhibition | Nov. 2020

The annual international financial event, more than 10 financial holdings and banks participated in the exhibition, including representatives of various industries and the chairman of the National Development Council. Poseidon Network attended the event as a blockchain innovation, and communicated with many technology development deep industry, and financial practitioners within three days. While introducing the project to more people, it extended discussions on future opportunities and trends.

2020 Taipei Fintech

Investment Promotion Conference of the Ministry of Transport | Dec. 2020

Invited to attend the investment promotion conference sponsored by the Ministry of Transport, aiming to encourage more investors to devote resources to innovative applications and related industries.

Government units continue to release tourism and recreational facilities, land and urban renewal and development projects, and port-related case sources; The conference showcased a number of technological innovation applications such as 5G environmental applications, smart tourism (integration of virtual and real), railway technology industry localization, smart electric buses and smart public transportation services, and 5G car networking image asset industry.In 2020, we were not flexible enough to respond to every change.

Investment Promotion Conference of the Ministry of Transport

We hope that the team will learn all the teachings and experience in 2020 and continue to improve in 2021. The general strategic direction in the future is to continue to find the most suitable scenario and create irreplaceability.

Then launch product sales, and get cash flow to maintain the company’s operations while discussing corporate projectsThere may not be any rapid growth in 2021.

It is hoped that we can continue to accumulate important technical foundation, information, and capabilities, and witness such growth in the far future.

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