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Monthly Recap June. 2021

On June 22, we launched phase 5 of our mining program. In total, 98 nodes from ten countries are participating in the tesnet.

The QQQ APP has been updated to version 1.28. It integrates testnet information on the mobile in order to let miners monitor their mining status and revenue from their mobiles.

In business side, We have provided decentralized storage to institutions in excess of 4M files, 209 TB+ since April.

In June, QAS Profit sharing continues. Over the past month, the price grew 300%.

Mining Testnet Phase4 ended

Mining testnet Phase4 had been running for 6 weeks and ended on May.20. 47 qualified applicants and 90,000 QQQ were distributed.

Phase 4 aims to verify whether the decentralized storage protocol (IPFS service) can be successfully activated on the user node. In the future, more storage protocols and functions will be integrated, and the verification contribution and node performance evaluation will be carried out at the same time.

Mining Testnet Phase5 is LIVE 🔥

Mining Testnet Phase5 has been available for two weeks, and there’re currently 98 active nodes spread across 8 countries — Taiwan, China, Macau, Singapore, USA, UK, Germany, France.

In this phase, node data has been integrated into the QQQ APP, allowing users to bind their own nodes, check their status, estimated revenue.

We continue to collect the running status of the application on edges, and make adjustments and improvements to the scalability.

Once you bind the node with QQQ APP, you can view the mining status and revenue on your mobile.

On the testnet, your node’s daily income comes from UBI and contributions. If you keep node being active, you will earn basic income by hardware ( CPU , Ram , Storage ).

Your contribution income is determined by how many storage you rent, and it will gradually increase if the server is stable.

Join Phase5 and start earning 👉 https://lihi1.cc/d5seu
  • QLauncher Issue report solved
Unable to load container #21

QQQ APP version Update | v1.27.5 → v1.28

QQQ APP updated to v1.28. It’s available on Google play and App storage now. Fixed the crashed issues. Testnet information integrated to allow miners check their mining status on mobile. Upgrade the points exchange system, miners could withdraw revenue in 1 point = 1 QQQ any time.

700 new registered users in the past month

Download QQQ APP → http://onelink.to/ts739x
⚠️ Notice : For preparing the next phase of Mining program. We had recalculated all accumulated points from QL v1.0. If you're qualified but haven't redeemed mining points. No worries. The snapshot for the redemption had been taken at the 2021-06-20 16:00 (UTC+8)

Business Cooperation — Usage growth and miner’s node integration

The total amount of the decentralized storage we have provided to institutions have surpass 4M files, 209 TB+ now.

File transmission comes from backup files of Poseidon Network’s current business partner. Most files are stored in official nodes. We’re trying to gradually migrate part of backup to the current testnet.

QAS Profit sharing continues

Accumulated distribution : 300,000 * 8 = 2,400,000 QQQ

2021.06.01 Continue to trial the QAS profit sharing mechanism, with a total amount of 300,000 QQQ; all those who have deposited QAS to the official QQQ APP before May.31 23:29, and have not been transferred anytime before June 30, 2021 23:59, are eligible to participate in the current month’s profit sharing.

  • Over the past month, the price grew 300%.
QAS / USDT on Proex

Community Promotion , Introductions

NAS Install guide

A brief introduction for using Virtualization Station 3 to create Linux VM. Allow NAS owner could create am environment to setup Poseidon node on your NAS. Special Thanks for @幽默音符 on matters.

Phase5 Install guide

Demo the installation of QLauncher, explain how to assign a static IP on your Linux devices and open specific port on your router.

How to setup a Poseion node with Linode

Introduce you how to create a Ubuntu VM with Linode and describe all the command may you need to know when you’re setting up a poseidon node.

How I started mining Poseidon

Quick introduction for how to know Poseidon Network and campare with multiple fog computing projects, why he decide to join poseidon testnet rather than others. Special Thanks for @guerilla share his experience on Reddit.

How I started mining poseidon : QQQ_Poseidon (reddit.com)

Thank you for keep following the current updates for the Poseidon Network. And also thanks to the everyone in the community to support us for such a long time. We’ll release more information about testnet and product in 2021 Q3.

Please feel free to contact us if you want to contribute in the Poseidon Network in any way !

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Community| Telegram(Ch) , Line (Ch) , Telegram (En)



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