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Mining Program Update #7 (2021/10/1~12/16)

Our bi-weekly update and monthly recap have been paused since October. The Network is our priority and we allow some partners to run their services on the testnet that was built by miners. We are glad that our partners had a good experience using our testnet. We must thank those miners who continue to support us in this time of need.


  1. QLauncher v0.4.0.1
    Our testnet is based on QLauncher v0.3.1.1, and after 2 months of stable operation, we released QLauncher v0.4.0.1 to support our Mining Program 5.2.
    - During Mining Program phase 5.2, we are introducing a different reward type- Miner Level. Based on miner’s edge’s firmware standard, there are 2 types of levels: Water Node (High level edge), Vapour Node (Standard level edge).
    - Currently, nine Water Nodes are in our testnet with Poseidon Main Node to support our partners in testing their services.QLauncher v0.4.0.2
  2. QLauncher v0.4.0.2
    - Fix for QLauncher upgrade error.
  3. QLauncher v0.4.0.3 (Coming Soon!)
    - Fixed QQQ App data report inconsistency with QLauncher data.

🌐・Network resource

Our Mining Program 5.2 aims to improve testnet stability. In this snapshot of two month’s data, the number of miners and devices hasn’t increased, but our usable storage has risen by 41.1%.

Check more detail of how to join Mining Phase 5.2 👉 here


Discord member : 752 (+81) , +12%

Our Discord server had more members assisting with mining issues. We encourage all miners to join and discuss mining issues.

During the past two months, our community had been inactive. Many at other communities had complained about that. We are actively looking for partners to foster more communication.

Check in soon!

👉 Discord — https://discord.gg/8DzbJG5WVt

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