Trending Down: ‘Dr.’ Knows Best

Poshly stats show that the proportion of consumers who are influenced by doctor or dermatologist recommendations for skincare products has receded in the last few years.

In 2014, 54% of beauty consumers said they are “very influenced” by a doctor or dermatologist recommendation when purchasing new skincare products. In 2016, only 47% of consumers agree. Consumers who say they are “not influenced” by a doctor or dermatologist skincare recommendation increased from 9% in 2014 to 15% in 2016.

So, if consumers are not turning to doctors directly for skincare product advice, where are they going for skincare recommendations?

By age range, insightful segments emerge. Older Millennials (ages 25–34) are most influenced by bloggers and editors, while Gen Z (18-years-old or younger) are most influenced by family and friends. It’s Boomers (ages 50+) who are still most likely to be influenced by a doctor or dermatologist.

As younger consumers shy away from visiting a doctor in-person for skincare advice, doctors have found a way to maintain their positive and healthy impact on the consumer by meeting them at the stores.

From Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare to Dr. Brandt, and from Dr. DANA to [Dr.] Murad, there are a lot of doctors who have successfully transitioned from the medical office to the beauty shelf.

Poshly stats show that the majority of beauty consumers (64%) have purchased skincare products with ‘doctor’ or ‘MD’ in the brand name. Among beauty junkies, that percentage jumps to 78%.

Furthermore, 25% of beauty junkies say they trust skincare products with ‘doctor’ or ‘MD’ in the name more than other skincare products.

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As consumers drift away from dermatologists’ offices, they are drawn toward brands with skin doctors involved in every aspect of the product development process. It is as if Sephora is the new dermatologist office.

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