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EVOLve_04: Natalie Gil [2/22/2022]

Natalie Gil: Co-Founder and CTO at Darshana in Cambridge, MA

This is the fourth in our #EVOLve Series with one of our @posi2ive community members. Natalie has been active in our weekly *VC Impact* community roundtables on Twitter Spaces [each Friday 3:30pm PT]. In this self-paced and self-authored interview series, we ask impact Founders / Investors what they are doing to change the world, and why they’re motivated to focus on their area of impact. Hope you all enjoy!

Checking on early impact and previous impact I made, quantifiable or not. That’s refreshing.

Twitter: @Ratalie

The Interview

Top 3 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG): 1: No Poverty, 3: Good Health / Well Being, 5: Gender Equality, 8: Decent Work / Economic Growth, 10: Reduced Inequalities

Impact verticals your venture focuses on: Blockchain, Diversity / Equity / Inclusion (DE&I), Future-of-Work, Web3

Please share what you’re building, your professional background, and what inspired this venture.

We are building community that empowers diverse tech talent to connect with companies. I am a system engineer that built several technology systems for finance, retail, health care and more. I am an award winning executive, speaker, and diversity champion. Diversity and finding talent that deserved better inspired me to launch Darshana.

What’s the impact focus of your venture? And how do you plan to measure impact?

Multiplying effect of helping others on our community/platform and the creation of new wealth because of that.

What’s driving your impact focus?

Create new forms of wealth and unlock value of already capable talent.

What are some obstacles standing in the way of the impact you have planned?

Funding and team.

How do you stay motivated?

Checking on early impact and previous impact I made, quantifiable or not. That’s refreshing.

Tell us about your market, customers, and team.

180MM new jobs in 50 years, $80B market to grow 18% YoY. We are B2B and B2C. B2B now is our network of fast growing startups and companies. B2C is underrepresented community members.

How do you keep yourself healthy — e.g., mentally, physically, emotionally?

Taking time of for walks for train with my old team of martial artists, at least remotely.

What are you currently educating yourself on?

The tech stack behind a DAO. I am familiar with most of the elements, just figuring our how to put them together.

What books, podcasts, or newsletters should our community read — to better understand your area of impact?

Ours coming soon… :)

What do you do outside of work, that you like to brag about?

Latinity and I am also a seasoned martial artist!

How can the @posi2ive community support your efforts? (*Not public solicitation, nor securities offerings)

Network, intros to partnership potentials, and investors.

Copyright 2022, all rights reserved. If you’re a Founder / Investor focused on VC Impact, we’d love to invite you to share your story here with the posi2ive community.



We interview VCs / Angels / Founders focused on Venture Scale Positive Impacts. #VC_impact

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