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#GoodMarkets_06: Wildfire

Original Publish Date: Oct 18, 2022 on Revue


  • Fire suppression: This is the most common approach that is used today. It involves putting out fires as soon as they are detected, regardless of their size or location.
  • Fire mitigation: This approach focuses on reducing the risk of wildfires by preventing them from starting or spreading to new areas through various methods such as clearing away dry brush and dead trees, thinning out overgrown forests, etc.
  • Fire management: This approach focuses on controlling and managing existing fires, in order to minimize damage and destruction.
  • Fire restoration/recreation: In this approach, fires are allowed under controlled conditions so they do not pose a threat to human life or property, while also meeting other goals such as restoring ecosystems.

The Wildfire Market

Technologies transforming fire

  • Advances in Drone Technology
  • Taking on Thermal Imagers
  • Connected Firefighting
  • Innovations in PPE
  • Sustainable Trucks
  • Turnout Gear Advances

The greater market

Grandview Research 2020

Recent Exits and Closes

  • Description: Zonehaven provides a cloud-based application that helps communities understand, minimize, and respond to wildfire risk. Its application brings together fire simulation, traffic analysis, real-time weather, and high-resolution fuel modeling to provide unprecedented situational awareness and decision support.
  • Location: San Francisco
  • Verticals: Apps, Cloud Data Services, Security, Software
  • Top 5 investors: Splunk Ventures
  • Total Raised: Unk in 2019
  • Aquired by Genasys in 2021
  • Description: Gridware creates a future where suburban wildfires are a thing of the past.
  • Location: Walnut Creek
  • Verticals: Energy, Predictive Analytics
  • Top 5 investors: Y Combinator, Rebel Fund, Soma Capital, Liquid 2 Ventures, Fifty Years
  • Total Raised: $5.3M
  • PreSeed close $5.3M in 2021
  • Founded in 2020
  • Description: Kettle is an insurtech company that develops a machine-learning powered reinsurer balancing risk in a changing climate.
  • Location: Berkeley
  • Verticals: Financial Services, Information Technology, Insurance, InsurTech, Machine Learning
  • Top 5 investors: Alumni Ventures, Anthemis Group, DCVC, Lowercarbon Capital, Inspired Capital Partners
  • Total Raised: $29.7M
  • Series A close $25M in 2021
  • Founded in 2019
  • Description: Delos is a digital property insurance provider for customers in high catastrophe risk regions.
  • Location: San Francisco
  • Verticals: Aerospace, Big Data, Computer Vision, Financial Services, Insurance, InsurTech, Predictive Analytics
  • Diversity: South Asian Founded, Women Funded
  • Top 5 investors: IA Capital Group, Futureland Ventures, Red Dog Capital, Avanta Ventures
  • Raised: $6.3M
  • Seed close $5.4M in 2021
  • Founded in 2017
  • Description: Pano offers hardware and software technology solutions for fire professionals to detect threats and respond faster.
  • Location: San Francisco
  • Verticals: Hardware, Public Safety, Software
  • Diversity: Women Founded, Women Led
  • Top 5 investors: Initialized, January Ventures, DCVC, Quiet Capital, Congruent Ventures
  • Total Raised: $28M
  • Series A close $20M in 2022




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