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S3_E3: Matt Cohen

Matt Cohen, GP at Ripple Ventures

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Had another great episode with a very friendly GP, based out of Toronto — focused on enterprise SaaS and building solid companies from the start. Matt shared his experience in the mid-2010s in wireless sector— and bootstrapping along side a startup, to a significant exit without venture. He talked about starting a fund as a solo GP, encouraged by some Family Offices.

We break out into communication and ethics among Founders and VCs — and red flags to look out for in diligence and around M&As. Matt also shared more about their mentorship programs for underrepresented college students looking to build ventures — and his experience with the 10+ cohorts. He talked about working with Operating Partners and Venture Partners.

The community had some tremendous questions, and he went out of his way to show so much support for each scenario presented by Founders. Thanks for taking the time to listen! Was enjoyable to learn together.

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