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Zecca Lehn_E0: Intro to posi2ive [03/09/2020]


This biweekly podcast is for active investors and Founders just like you, focused on *Venture Scale Positive Impacts*.

My background is in sustainability, economics, and data science. This show was created for you; to help shed light on the nuances and tradeoffs involved in combining purpose, passion, and profit for net positive impacts at scale.

Each episode, as one-on-one interviews, we will dive deep into what’s made startups impactful, and what they are doing to help change the world.

VCs will share their views about emerging trends, as well as opportunities in the impact investing space.

We will peek around the corner together, and see what we can do together, to support a healthier startup ecosystem.

This is an all-inclusive show, and we aim to bring multiple worldviews to the table.

Each new voice will be heard.

Be prepared; you’ll be inspired, educated, and entertained.

Each 30 to 45 minute episode, I’ll interview guests from around the world, across various industries with unique perspectives on what makes a venture thrive.

We’ll explore nuances surrounding ethics, social responsibility as it relates to a hyper competitive market. And ESG in the public markets.

We’ll unpack difficult topics surrounding greenwashing, legal risks, extrafinancial risks; on “breaking sh** responsibly.”

I’m passionate about startup culture, having led teams and projects and collaborated in multiple wild growth environments.

We want to encourage positive cultures here, fun experiences, and best outcomes, regarding everything at risk.

We’ve got an awesome line up of Angels / Founders / VCs and Family Offices willing to share their insights, and explore topics to help the community.

We’ll put a special emphasis on supporting new Founders entering the arena.

Thank you for your love and generosity. Look forward to making this a great experience together.

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A Community focused on Venture Scale Positive Impacts. Produced by Zecca Lehn. On Twitter @posi2ive.