Reflections on the first paper prototype test

Our first paper prototype was a bit hectic and messy. Our team did not know what to expect and how detailed the testing should be. Our first unexpected discovery was that we (the testers) are not supposed to provide any guidance during the performance of a task by a user. Thus, we only had to provide the background information about the app and give specific tasks to perform. It was very hard to resist helping the user to go through the steps to perform the task. Another pitfall was that our team did not agree in advance on the roles we play during the testing. During the actual testing, we also realized we did not agree or achieved clear understanding on some aspects of the game and therefore could not provide clear instructions to a user when it was needed. Nonetheless, the first paper prototype testing was essential for us to improve not only the design and logic of the app flow but also organize our team work more efficiently.

Based on our reflections we improved our paper prototype by taking in consideration the following aspects:

1. Add notifications (Start of the Calibration, Beginning/End of the Game, etc.) so a user will know what is next and why he/she needs to perform certain actions.

2. Improve the Progress Report elements

3. Add tutorial, FAQ

4. Select the most appropriate instant feedback visualization

5. Provide more complex tasks to perform during the testing

6. Distribute the responsibilities of the team members during testing

We are still working on Progress Report elements and design but below is the improved version of the paper prototype which includes some of the improved elements.

and the next set of windows of the app

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