Testing Paper Prototype

Background information (before actual test):

Designer: “Before actual test I would like to provide a quick overview of the application we would like to test with your help.”

The brain training application we are going to test may help improve the concentration levels of a user. An application provides a game which a user must play regularly to see the progress and improvement of the concentration levels. The progress of the concentration level is based on the neurofeedback from your brain waves (measured by the Muse headsets). In addition to the actual game, a user may see his progress report, share the progress with others, change settings, and learn more from a tutorial provided.

User Tasks:

Designer: “Now, I will provide you with several tasks. Please perform them without additional instructions, using the paper prototype”

1. Play the Game

2. See your Progress Report for the last month. Tell me what you found out from this report.

3. Share your progress with others and compare your progress with other users.

4. Set up (access) your weekly goals.

5. Find out more about neurofeedback and how it is used by this application.

Distribution of responsibilities:

Yulia: provides background information and announces tasks, guide a participant during the test (when needed).

Mert: changes the story (paper app sections) based on the actions of a participant.

Emrah: records the test.