Why Does Identity Matter?

Who are you?

It’s a question that one can easily answer with a driver’s license or a passport, among other identity artifacts. However, it’s also a question that needs to be proved in order to participate in modern society. Because without a form of identity, one is at risk of being disengaged from the formal economy, government benefits and programs, and other critical opportunities.

Unfortunately, the reality of this insecurity is faced by at least 1.1 billion people worldwide.

In a new talk, Subhashish Bhadra argues how an increasingly digital world can close this gap by catalyzing the ability to build, shape, and use identity as a force for individual empowerment. Furthermore, digital identity matters because it will be the rails guiding the revolution of inclusion, much like the railways which fundamentally changed the world during the Industrial Revolution.

View the video above for more about the people without identity, the potential of digital identity to change their lives, the possibilities for further innovation, and the problems that need to be solved in order to make the visionary potential and possibilities a reality.

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