Positive Revolution newsletter #1


This is the first of a new fortnighly newsletter, where we will celebrate the people, stories and tools that are challenging business as usual.

We believe that in this time of accelerating change, new approaches are needed. In every sector new ideas, business models and technologies are creating room for bold visions to emerge, and we are excited by the opportunity to explore and design the future.

Our goal is to encourage business leaders to be brave enough to disrupt the status quo, to look beyond business as usual, to think big, and demand their business is a force for good.

As well as sending out the newsletter, we will also be posting original content both from our team and guest authors. To get this newsletter in your inbox, please make sure you follow the Positive Revolution publication on Medium.

We are keen to be as useful and informative as possible for anyone interested in the future of mission-led business, so if you have any suggestions of interesting books or articles, or have come across thinkers and doers shaking things up, or have found a tool or methodology that you think our readers may enjoy, please share it!

We hope you’ll join us on the journey to smarter, brighter business.

The stories that caught our eye

The challenge of transforming any business is huge, and only gets bigger the larger and more established the enterprise. This interview with Satya Nadella in Wired gives a fascinating insight on his approach. Great to hear someone in his position talking about the importance of purpose, challenger mindsets and embracing different perspectives.

As the debate in UK politics retreats into a left v right bunfight, the space for a new economic model to emerge is growing. Doughnut economics is a vision that has inspired us, and the book is a great read. Themes from this model are increasingly emerging in the press, like this article on the commons and community assets.

After reading Cal Newport’s Deep Work, and the chapter on the eudaemonia machine, it’s beyond time we recognised how people do their best work, and created spaces that allow this to happen. Seems even corporate giants like BT are staring to look at alternatives to the open-plan office.

Like so many people we are huge fans of Lego, and were dismayed to hear that they are making 1,400 people redundant despite being a private company making near-record profits. Bravo to Alexander Kjerulf for speaking out and acting on his convictions.

Reading this comment by Jonny Ive and the unintended consequences of the iphone reminded us of Adil Abrar’s fantastic Do Lecture on the dark side of doing good from 2013.

As design thinking and innovation practitioners we have seen first hand how difficult it can be to embed new behaviours and ideas — this article by Steve Blank shows a way organisations can get it right.

We have worked with Flowcoacher for some time, and are strong believers in the role that a coach can play in helping you find your purpose, and hold you to account on your journey. It seems we are not alone in thinking how important coaches and mentors are!

We hope that you have enjoyed this first newsletter, and would welcome any feedback or comments to help us make it better.

Long live the Positive Revolution.

See you in issue #2.